China was conquered and Japan won the gold medal Asiad women's football 2018

The last game between Japan and China is judged at the same level. These are also two world-class teams, not just in Asia.

Japan once won the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011, when the tournament was held in Germany and the current World Rally Championship, when the tournament in 2015 was held in Canada (both to the final). Japan's World Cup is the United States, one victory and one loss.

The Japanese women's football team won the gold medal Asiad 2018

The Japanese women's football team won the gold medal Asiad 2018

Meanwhile, China entered the final of the FIFA World Cup in 1999, when the tournament was held in America (China also lost to the United States in the final).

While the two Asian women's football giants collide in the Asiad finals, it is also the place where they form the best continental team before going to the Women's World Cup. next year

Chinese women's team played well in the finals, they kept the ball more, creating more dangerous situations in the Japanese goal: the final stage of China in the final was 14, Japan, 4, hit points hit the Chinese goal is 5, while Japan scored only once the goal got hit in the match.

However, on a day when Ayaka Yamashita was on the Japanese side of the game, she prevented most of the bombing of the enemy, but the team from the country of sunrise kept a clean net during the game.

And on the other side of the field, Japan was less offensive, but more accurate. In the final minutes of the game, Japan scored the decisive goal, being the only goal in the game.

In the 90th minute Yuika Sugasawa headed to the right of the box, on the bank of the Japanese bank. The hand of Chinese goalkeeper Zhao Lina, who won a 1-0 victory for Japan.

Victory helped the Japanese women's football team win the gold medal in the Asiad 2018 of the woman. This is also the second time Japan has won the Asian women's football championship after its first appearance in 2010.


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