Coach Mourinho denied the controversy with Ed Woodward

Coach Mourinho denied the controversy with Ed Woodward

"Of course everything is going well, you do not ask me what the press is writing about," Mourinho said in a recent interview with The Mirror. About my current situation in Manchester after the loss of Brighton, I do not actually know 10% of the information that the media put on the newspaper or television. "

"We have to be pessimistic about losing Brighton 2-3 and after a failure everything will be difficult, especially when the audience is really interested in the game, but the job of a coach like me is just to think about the next game. .

"When it comes to football, whether you win or lose, you have to make the most of it, and I feel that M.U has done well in Leicester."

"In one season we have to play with 19 opponents on Old Trafford and away, so I do not know if it really is time for us to fly high, because the schedule will decide how we play".

"The game against Tottenham is the second time United has played at Old Trafford since the start of the season, and then we have to play 2 matches at Burnley and Watford, and it will be a tough match for Tottenham. the top 4 BXH Premier League. "

Before the end of the interview, Mourinho took the time to talk about Paul Pogba, the French star who claimed that United did not show the desperation needed for the loss of Brighton: "Paul said things, and if he needed an explanation from Paul has, go ask him. "

"Now I do not know if Nemanja Matic, Antonio Valencia and Alexis Sanchez Tottenham can play, but there are still two training sessions on Saturday and Sunday for the Spurs game against Tottenham on Monday, I will decide who plays what is important, that these players can now practice together with teammates, "trainer Mourinho concluded.

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