Do Hung Dung in a special way grateful to teammates – ASIAD 2018

Midfielder Do Hung Dung could not keep up with the Vietnamese Olympic team due to an injury and he was delighted to be honored in teammates.

Both Vietnamese Olympic training team to Hung Dung left the field Shortly after the midfielder Hung Dung was put on the field, coach Hang-seo and his assistants came to ask and accompany him on the bench.

After the victory of the Bahrain Olympics to get the right to play quarter-finals, the Vietnamese Olympic players have not forgotten that their teammates could not stay next to the team in the ASIAD 2018 campaign.

As soon as the whistle sounded, the Vietnamese Olympic players came to the stands with Hung Dung's banner saying "Vietnam believe" and hashtag # Hungdung18Bestrong.

This is considered gratitude for the player who played an important role in the tactical operation of the Olympic Games during the three rounds.

The interesting coincidence is the score of Cong Phuong, scored in 88 minutes, loyal to the number of Hung Dung in the club of Hanoi, and this is the number of home defenses Gia Lam especially favorite.

Hung Dung was involved when he was in the form of a photo 1
Olympic athlete from Vietnam grateful for Hung Dung after defeating the Bahraini Olympic Games.
photo: Viet Hung.

Hanoi midfielder returned from 22/8 to the nursing home. Watching his teammates play through the television and know that they are "honored" on your land, Do Hung Dung has not been touched.

On his personal page he said: "Right 88 minutes … Thank you everyone, we are here, we are one.

In response, Doan Van Hau, Nguyen Van Toan or Pham Duc Huy all talk about the status of the man.

"Mr. Dung made the call to the brothers to look more like, so miserable life," pointed out Van Toan after the game.

Tung Dung Dung also jokingly said, "My brothers, come here." At the same time Dung also sent & # 39; try to wait for 2,000 people and go to sleep & # 39 ;.

It can be seen, close affection of the players of the Olympic Games in Vietnam very tight everywhere. This is one of the strong points of Hang-seo Park for teachers.

Because of the Hung Dung market when it is based on model 2
Hung Dung was hit by his teammates at the Olympic Games in Vietnam.

Remember that if Hung Dung water, coach Park Hang-seo does not hide the touch. Even the Korean teacher has to look more than once to stop the emotions.

Back to the Hung Dung actions of the team. The feelings of Hung Dung in receiving information quickly gained great sympathy from the fans.

In just a few minutes there were almost 3,000 as and almost 100 shared with dozens of messages sent to the toilet in 1993 quickly recovered and regained the form.

End of round 1/8, the Vietnam Olympic Games have 3 days off. Battle of the Syrian Olympic meeting teacher teacher Park Hang-seo took place at 19.30 on 27/8 to. When he is won, Van Quyet and his teammates meet Uzbekistan or South Korea in the semi-finals.

Do Hung Dung
Olympic Vietnam

Do Hung Dung

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