Gong: & # 39; I contributed only a small part, the victory belonged to the team & # 39; – ASIAD 2018

After winning the ASIAD 2018 coach Park Hang-seo praised Nguyen Cong Phuong as the peak of the decisive moments.

Cong Phuong: I'm just a bit tired, I'm curious about your appearance
In the match between Olympic Vietnam and Olympic Bahrain in the round of 16 teams in ASIAD, the striker Gong Jiao has to be on the bench. When the team was unlocked in the scoring phase, Cong Phuong was introduced in the second half with Parkler Luong Xuan Truong. An Nghe An official revealed that Hang-seo's park coach told him very carefully: "Once in the field I have to do my best."
Cong Phuong: I'm just a bit tired, I'm curious about your appearance
As a result, Cong Phuong became the "savior" of the Vietnamese Olympic Games when he scored the yellow goal in the 88th minute. In this situation Cong Phuong has a favorable ball in the area of ​​16.5 m, the net of Bahrain. The Olympic history of Vietnam ranks first in the ASIAD quarterfinals and Cong Phuong is like a hero. Speaking of the goal, the humble Nghe An-striker: "I just contributed a bit, this victory is from the team."
Cong Phuong: I am only a little girl, but I'm afraid of you
After 20 years of attending the Asian Games, the Vietnamese Olympic Games will enjoy the atmosphere in the quarterfinals. It is difficult, we beat Bahrain in round of 16 teams, we have to be alert to the "obstacles" followed by the Syrian Olympic. Cong Phuong confirmed every game in the knockout round, the chance to win the team is only 50%.
Cong Phuong: I'm just a bit tired, I'm curious about your appearance
Although making history, but the Phoenix and the team still do not want to stop. Do not forget that the Vietnamese Olympic participant entered ASIAD 18 with the attention of the current number two of the U23 Asian Cup. The coach of Hang-seo Park has more than 5 days of rest to enter the next 90 minutes of tension. Before the game Gong promised that the fans will fight with all skills.
Cong Phuong: I'm just a bit tired, I'm curious about your appearance
It is not too late to say that Park Hang-seo the & # 39; historian & # 39; is for Vietnamese football. After winning the Asian U23 finals in Changzhou, the Korean coach leads the team through the 16th round of ASIAD 18. More than anyone, Park Hang-seo is the happiest person in the world. from the whole team.
Cong Phuong: I am only a little girl, I am curious about your appearance 6
The Korean teacher does not regret the student Nguyen Cong Phuong. Many people surprised each other when coach Park Hang-seo went to Van Duc stone instead of the Nghe An-striker. Share with Zing.vn, Coach Hang-seo explained: "Cong Phuong is a very good player and a very good player, so if the team is tough, we'll throw him in the field to make a difference, Bahrain in the net really great.
Cong Phuong: I am only a little girl, I am curious about your appearance
Cong Phuong came on as substitute for Xuan Truong – who lost the game to Bahrain in the midfield. Witnessing the bad style of Xuan Truong, many people worry when his position is particularly important for the Olympic Games in Vietnam. Coach Park Hang-seo confirmed that Xuan Truong in the battle of Bahrain is not the best and promises to burst in the quarterfinals.
Cong Phuong: & # 39; I'm just a little tired, I'm about to take a picture of you
When the quarterfinals were officially won, the Vietnamese Olympic team set off to midfielder Do Hung Dung. Previously, Hung Dung unfortunately broke his toe in the Japanese Olympics, then no chance to stand at the Vietnamese Olympic Games in Asia 18. When he saw his team defeat Bahrain, Hung Dung said he was happy to be praised. Yet it would be great to have the opportunity to celebrate the historic battle with teammates right away.
Cong Phuong: & # 39; I am only a little girl, but I'm pretty cool 9
After the loss of the Olympic Games in Vietnam, Samir Chammam of Bahrain, despite complaints about the operation of the referee, did not support congratulations to the Olympic Games in Vietnam. According to coach Chammam, teacher teacher Park Hang-seo is a real quality team in Asian games this time.
Cong Phuong: & # 39; I just try to make a difference in my life
In the Olympic team of Vietnam, Coach Chammam Quang Hai greatly appreciated. By the way, Captain Van Quyet was impressed by him. "Quang Hai is the player I value the most at the Olympic Games in Vietnam," said Chammam, "he has good technical qualification and is particularly dangerous in the final stages." Before the Olympic Games in Vietnam – Bahrain, the head of the Bahrain Olympic team asks journalists questions Zing.vn: "Why did Quang Hai not play in Europe?"
Did the Olympic goal score Bahrain, said Gong? The 9th striker shared his heroic role in the 1-0 victory over Bahrain against Bahrain on August 23.

Cong Phuong: & # 39; I am very happy to bring joy in the country & # 39;

After the match with the Olympic Bahrain, striker Nguyen Cong Phuong was lucky when he scored the decisive goal for the Olympic Games in Vietnam.

  • Nguyen Cong Phuong

    Nguyen Cong Phuong

    Nguyen Cong Phuong is a Vietnamese professional footballer who currently plays for Hoang Anh Gia Lai and the national team of Vietnam. Cong Phượng is one of the young players who is admitted to the HAGL-Arsenal JMG Football Academy 1. Cong Phuong is coached by Miura Toshiya to the national team of the U23 in Vietnam. to attend SEA Games 28. In this tournament Cong Phuong scored three goals and a lot of tectonics.

    Did you know: Gong Feng was included in the training camp for youth football of the football club Song Lam Nghe An.

    • Date of birth: 1995/01/21
    • Residence: My son, Do Luong, Nghe An
    • Length: 1.68 m
    • clubs: Hoang An Gia Lai, Mito Hollyhock (Japan)
    • Personal title: Best player Young player of the Southeast Asian football championship – Brunei Cup 2014, best player of the U21 Youth Football League 2014, scorer of the U21 Football League 2015, Best male player of Vietnam in 2015

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