Gossip friend Phan Van Duc sent sweet wishes for the match with Bahrain

The story comes from the image that Ngoc Nu Van Duc had worn on his back on the stadium of a previous exercise. Not often, both reveal evidence of dating despite a refusal.

Recently, before the match with Bahrain at ASIAD 2018, Ngoc Nu uploaded her photo in the youth shirt with a sweet message: "Believe me … because he is the best." She has not forgotten to send more heart icons to accompany her. Just under the photo, many fans enjoy the open reactions. A writer: "Phan Van Duc was like" and received a like from Ngoc Nu for this comment. Many Ngoc friends now said, "I know that."

Ngoc Nu Miss recently stopped Vietnam 2018 competition for not following the schedule of almost three months of fun. She is now considered one of the potential candidates for the crown.

The love of Ngoc Nuong with round ball is reflected everywhere. Many fans would like it if they and Phan Van Duc were a couple, this would be the new football for boys and girls.

The & # 39; Little Mermaid & # 39; Sunshine on ASIAD 2018

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