Hero Son Heung Min

The game was over. The South Korean won a 1-0 victory over the Kyrgyz Republic thanks to the only goal from Son Heung Min.

With this result, the South Korean Olympic Games ended the group stage with No. 2 in Group E. They meet Iran in the next round. And the Olympic Bahrain still qualifies for one of the top four teams. They will be opponents of the Olympic Games in Vietnam. Meanwhile, the main Malaysian Olympic team will face the Japanese Olympic Games.

At the same time Olympic Malaysia had a short score to 2-3 in the match against the Baharain.

90 + 2: DAYS! Hwang Hee-Chan made it too difficult for the opposing team to play the ball on the crossbar.

So in the same game, the Olympic Bahrain lifted the score to 3-1 against the Malaysian Olympic. At the moment 99% of them will be opponents of the Olympic Games in Vietnam in the next round.

Minute 85: NOT IN! In the counterattack Hwang Hee-Chan failed to win the Kyrgyz Olympian in the face. Hereafter, Son Heung Min failed to score.

80 minutes: NOT IN! Son Heung Min made a low kick shot from Kyrgyzstan, the keeper of Kyrgyzstan.

The Korean Olympic team has reduced the pace of the game in recent minutes. It seems that they are satisfied with the Kyrgyz victory.

At the same time, the Olympic capital of Bahrain leads the Malaysian Olympic Games 2-1. If the result is the same, the Olympic Games will be the rival of the Vietnamese Olympic Games in the first round.

73 minutes: "Lee Seung Woo," who grew up in La Masia and currently plays for Hellas Verona, was added to deputy Na Sang Ho.

Minute 70: NOT IN! Kin Jin Ya got a great chance to score, but he did not win the Kyrgyz captain in the face.

65 minutes: NOT IN! Korean Olympic excitement behind the goal opens the score. A minute later, Hwang hit Hee-Chan a good second place, but unfortunately the ball went into the air.

Minute 64: IN !!! Finally, the efforts of the Korean Olympic Games have worked. From the corner, Son Heung Min played in the Kyrgyz Olympic net.

The speed of the game in the past few minutes is pushed up.

Minute 61: Dangerous! After Sang-Ho got a chance to face the Olympic keeper of Kyrgyzstan, but the keeper of the temple boldly broke out.

55 minutes: DANGER! Crossing Hwang Hee-Chan crossed the target of Kyrgyzstan, but did not cut the ball.

52 minutes: From the cross of Kim Moon Hwan Na Sang Ho has a chance in the penalty area. However, this player is absolutely not good.

50 minutes: A series of mixed ball for the goal of the Olympic Kyrgyzstan. Yet the weaker team is still successful.

The second half begins.

The first half ended 0-0. The Korean Games have taken over the game, but they are ahead of the well-organized Kyrgyz rivals. At the same time, the Olympic capital of Bahrain temporarily leads the Malaysian Olympic Games 2-1.

42 minutes: Son Heung Min gets the opportunity to finish the penalty area but he is not well made.

At this point, the Indonesian Olympian also faced the Olympics with a 0-1 lead.

37 minutes: Kim Jin Ya has the ball in the penalty area, but the ball goes too inaccurately.

Olympic Bahrain scored 2 goals in 3 minutes. They are leading 2-1 at the Malaysian Olympic Games.

33 minutes: The pressure from the Kyrgyz rivals is on the decline. The Korean champions receive a penalty in the distance of more than 20 meters. This time Hwang Ui Jo has finally climbed to heaven.

At the same time, the Olympic Bahrain scored a 1-1 draw against Malaysia.

29 minutes: The Korean goal kick is 20 meters away. Son Heung Min started, but failed.

In this match Son Heung Min moved very wide to make a link to the attack of the Korean Olympic Games. However, he has still not left many traces.

23 minutes: In the framework of the impasse, the Korean Olympic launched many far shots. Hwang Ui Jo had a shot from outside the sixteen meters, but failed.

Minute 21: Hwang In-Beom took the lead outside the box, but the ball went slightly higher than the goal of the Olympic Kyrgyzstan.

At the same time, the Malaysian Olympic had scored the opening goal in the Olympic Bahrain.

17 minutesAfter a mistake by a Korean Olympic player, Kim Min Jea, center-back, was forced to blame the Kyrgyz captain for a dangerous attack. The player had to get a yellow card.

The Korean Olympic Games make it difficult to break the multi-level defense of Kyrgyzstan.

In the first minutes, the Korean Olympic played halfway, Kyrgyz Olympic Games accept death.

Minute 8: Dangerous! From Lee Seung Mo & # 39; s cross, Son Heung Min quietly chested and launched two consecutive shots. Unfortunately, his shot went wide.

Minute 5: After Sangho, a very powerful penalty went outside the penalty area, but the ball went wrong.

Minute 2: Korean Games put pressure after the whistle. Son Heung Min star is closely followed by Kyrgyz players.

The game starts.


Korean games: Jo Hyeon woo – Taewook, Moonhwan, Kim Jinya, Cho Yumin – Jinhyun, Yunho, Inbeom, Seungmo – Son Heung min, Lee Seungwoo.

Olympic Kyrgyzstan: Alikamiev – Iusupov, Kozubaev, Akmatov, Murzashev – Azarov, Odilzhon, Eildiar, Ernist – Kairat, Kadyrbek.

After losing the Malaysian Olympic Games, the South Korean national team lost the chance to win the E-table, but they still have the opportunity to continue without losing Olympic Kyrgyzstan.

Meanwhile, the Olympic Games simultaneously forced the Malaysian Olympic Games in Bahrain to win tickets for the next round.


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