How do you change meat if you belong to the Prince of Saudi Arabia?

How do you change meat if you belong to the Prince of Saudi Arabia?

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who is he?

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was born on December 31, 1935, the king of Saudi Arabia, who oversaw the two most sacred mosques and heads of the Saud. From his youth Salman received a friendly training from the prince's school in Riyadh.

He had to learn about religion, study modern science and the entire Qur'an (the important text of the 6355 Muslims). With his innate intelligence and self-study, Salman has a wide range of certificates and degrees from renowned universities in Saudi Arabia, Japan and Germany.

In March 1954 Salman was appointed at the age of 19 as deputy governor of the city of Riyadh. During this time Salman spent a lot of time learning and cultivating diplomacy. In 1963 he was appointed governor of the city of Riyadh. As governor he contributed to the development of Riyadh from a medium-sized city to the busiest city in the country. For almost five decades as governor of Riyadh, he did a good job weighing between the interests of the authorities, the royal family in Saudi policy decisions.

Salman was appointed Minister of Defense in 2011. In 2012 he was also promoted to crown prince after the death of his brother, Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. On 23 November 2015, Salman was crowned king of Saudi Arabia at the age of 79 after the death of his half brother, Abdullah.

So far, Salman has held 28 different positions in the state apparatus of Saudi Arabia. When he became king, he continued to bring about changes for the lives of the people. In particular, Salman gave two months of salaries to all Saudi Arab workers and soldiers, including retired men and students, with the call: "Always remember me in my prayers, everyone".

The most luxurious

In a speech to King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the people of Saudi Arabia could only admire the expression 'admiration & # 39; to refer to its tolerance. At the beginning of his reign, he enjoyed a sumptuous three-week holiday in southern France. The result of the presence of the king of up to 1000 people and the landing at the international airport of Nice of two private aircraft operated by Saudi Arabian Airlines.

At least 400 supercars were used to transport family members, friends of the king, to private villas. Chateau de l & # 39; Horizon, a luxury stone mansion of 5 million pounds, is located at the French Rivera Beach, the home of King Salman and his family.

At the place where the king chose to rest, Mirandola beach between Antibes and Marseille was temporarily closed. All public shipping here is prohibited as well as swimming through the police whistle.

When Salma visited the United States by mid-2015, he rented all 222 rooms of the Four Seasons Hotel for a three-night visit in the US, forcing travelers to move to other nearby hotels. On average, each hotel room costs more than $ 2000 per night and needs to offer more amenities to accommodate the 79-year-old king. He even brought luxury furniture to the hotel, including a red carpet and gold ornaments.

In 2017, Salman and his retinue of 600 people carried more than 450 tonnes of luggage during a visit to Indonesia. According to sources from this country, in addition to 600 entourage, accompanied by King Salman also a delegation of 800 persons, including ministers and 25 princes.

How rich is Salma?

It is estimated that the assets of the Salman family amounted to around £ 850 billion, mainly from oil and gas companies. According to TeleSurr, however, the value of this king's property is $ 17 billion (£ 12.9 billion) and he has transferred much of his power to his successor – Crown Prince, the 32-year-old Mohammad Bin Salman. .

There is a lot of information that King Salma M.U bought to satisfy the passion of his son for sport. King Salman even established a family business called "Al Saud Group" to invest abroad and to close business deals of a billion dollars.

At the moment, Saudi Arabia penetrates deeper into sport, especially football, in the image promotion plan of the country. Some say, however, that this is a "war" between the Gulf states while the UAE is holding Man City while Qatar is driving the PSG. Saudi Arabia invested in sports such as F1 and WWE before football.

4 billion, Glazer home sells M.U?

British media reported Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is willing to spend £ 4 billion to M.U. to buy. That is several times more than the £ 790m that Glazer paid to own the Red Devils in 2005. Last season, the Reds had a hard time, but they still had record sales of $ 590 million. (from June 20, 1818), but still has a current debt of £ 487 million.

With the total trumps of the crown prince and prince Mohammed himself receiving support from the royal family, the number is too expensive. But certainly, Salman and Prince Mohammad will have to spend more than $ 4 billion on M.U. to possess.

The six children of the late President Malcolm Glazer hold 97% of M.U's ownership and no one is satisfied with the offer. The reason is that M.U is their golden laying chicken. Mohammad will probably go to the New York Stock Exchange if the deal goes wrong. After purchasing all shares in M.U, he will contact each member of the Glazer family directly to reach the goal.

How will the U.I change with the Arabs?

The prospect of M.U belongs to the Arab boss is very possible. If that happens, the best part is that U.EU fans have watched what the boss of the United Arab Emirates has done for Manchester City since 2008. At that time M.U spoiled the shopping without having to roll like now. So, the happiest will be coach Jose Mourinho.

When Mohammad bin Salman took over, M.U could be the end for Ed Woodward. The vice president is the one who advised the Glazer how he had to buy M.U 13 years ago and now has the supremacy at Old Trafford. Of course it is undeniable that Ed Woodward did for M.U in terms of finances, but the performance of M.U since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson is so bad.

With & # 39; overpaid & # 39; bosses they did not need a vice president like Ed Woodward. Mohammad would need someone at that time who could bring the club's expertise back to the domination in the English Premier League and European Cup. The title is what they want to & # 39; talk & # 39; with the neighbors of the Gulf, such as the UAE or Qatar.

The infographic is the richest man in football

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