"I am moved and happy for the feelings of the fans"


Journalist Nguyen Luong Phan, deputy editors of electronic newspaper Dan Tri flourishes for Tran Minh Vuong

Journalist Nguyen Luong Phan, deputy editors of electronic newspaper Dan Tri flourishes for Tran Minh Vuong

Sitting on the bench almost the entire tournament, did Minhwan ever think he had no chance to play in the Asiad?

Midfielder Tran Minh VuongDuring my first five matches in Assisi, I thought it was hard for me, but I always tried to wait. And it was great when I finally got the chance.

Since the V-League has started so far, Minh Vuong has also improved very quickly. What is the reason that you make so much progress?

Midfielder Tran Minh VuongMy motivation is after the tournament in Changzhou, where I could not be present and witnessed the love of the fans for the team. I was very happy and determined to make more effort to improve and improve the team. Better to be called to the team to welcome the audience in this way.

Minh Vuong enjoyed the demand from the readers of Vietnam

Minh Vuong enjoyed the demand from the readers of Vietnam

After scoring in the net, Minh Vuong walked a few steps and knelt on the grass, raised his hand, raised his face to the sky and whispered something. Can you tell us something about this action?

Midfielder Tran Minh Vuong: This is the act you thanked me, but thanks, you can not reveal it. I thank the fans for their interest.

How did the Emperor, when he witnessed the fans, welcome the Vietnam Olympic team at the airport of Noi Bai?

Midfielder Tran Minh VuongHi everyone, I've heard and heard that fans pick up players from Changzhou, it was not there, I was sad and then I thought I would try to respond to the feelings of the audience. Yesterday, when I saw the fans arrive at Noi Bai International Airport, I felt very moved and happy.

With the great success in the Asiad 2018, Minh Vuong thinks that the Vietnamese team is under pressure during the AFF Cup 2018-year?

Midfielder Tran Minh Vuong: I think the team is really under pressure from the Asiad because the success in Changzhou is too big and if it continues with the AFF Cup of 2018, it is both pressure and motivation for the team to try harder. .

After his return to Vietnam, Minh Vuong already had contact with the family?

Midfielder Tran Minh VuongMy family has a family trip, so my mother and my brother can not come to get you at the airport. Shortly after this afternoon, when I'm done working, I go back to my family in Thai Binh before I prepare for the V-League.

In the Asiad 2018, the Vietnamese Olympic history found its way into the semi-finals of men's football. This is the best performance of Vietnamese football in the continental playground and remains a huge success from the second place in the U23 Asian Cup.

Although Park Gu Seang lost to South Korea in the semi-final and UAE during the third game, the Olympic Games in Indonesia was recognized by fans. In addition to the efforts of the entire team, many Vietnamese Olympic players have left their mark in this tournament.

Keizer left a special sign in the Asiad 2018

Keizer left a special sign in the Asiad 2018

Midfielder Minh Vuong made only his last two appearances, but he also left some figures. The main player HA Gia Lai had a nice penalty shot 1-3 to Korea and Minh Vuong parts that is the most important goal in his career.

Minh Vuong also played very well in the bronze fight with the UAE and in particular the penalty of the distance of 25 meters in the second half. The only thing regrettable is that Minh Vuong failed to turn the wheel. Save the emblems against the UAE.

The Minh Vuong free kick shot 1-3 to Vietnam for South Korea

With what has been shown in this tournament, Minh promised to be the future star of the Vietnam team.

To tell more about the journey of the Olympic Games in Vietnam in Asiad 2018, online newspaper Dan Tri has an online exchange with midfielder Tran Minh Vuong at 10.00 on September 3, 1818.



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