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Tuesday 21/08/2018 00:26 AM (GMT + 7)

With three matches in the men's soccer round ASIAD 2018 the Park Hang Seo coach was noticed by the Asian media. We had an appointment with him to listen to the Korean teacher after three consecutive wins in group D, immediately in round 1/8.

* What makes U23 Vietnam unbeaten and does U23 Japan win tickets in the ASIAD 1/8 round?

We have three competitions in Group D, my first match with Pakistan U23 is the toughest match of U23 in Vietnam.

Park Hang Seo takes U23 Vietnam & # 34; ASIAD: I am not a witch - 1

Park Hang Seo coach attracts a lot of experience after the group phase

U23 players in Vietnam have just won the heroic prize in Hanoi, but when we came here, we did not practice for the first two days. On the third day we had to practice on artificial grass, so the first race was always difficult.

The strength and power of the player against U23 Pakistan is not the best. In the U23 match against Nepal, we had trouble figuring out how difficult it was for U23 Nepal to follow their defense against U23 in Japan. But fortunately U23 Nepal has changed and it has played a positive role, so we have been more favorable.

Also with U23 Japan, although we have passed the group stage and have the comfort. But with Japan U23 very strong, we have some pressure to play well.

Moreover, in the history of Vietnamese football, the higher the level of the team, we have never won Japan. The players with a lot of determination and enthusiasm are much bigger.

Especially with the match against U23 Japan we appeal to the experience to put the team under pressure to give the team a reasonable chance. The defenders were slow, we used speed to attack and we won. Yesterday we of course won the tactics.

* How did you motivate the players in terms of morality to have great confidence in U23 Japan?

Actually, I do not have a big secret. I always have a team of assistants open with the players.

We are very friendly with the players, although the language of disagreement but I always open to reach the players. I try to be an example for the players, to give them more self-confidence.

Park Hang Seo takes U23 Vietnam & # 34; ASIAD: I am not a witch - 2

Park is always friendly with the students

I told the players that it was just a challenge and if we were afraid of the challenge, we could not do it. I emphasize the spirit of the Vietnamese people: it is the unity, it is the enthusiasm, it is the intelligence, it is the indomitable will … If we have these things, what we fear

* U23 Vietnam prepares for the knockout game, injury from midfielder Do Hung Dung influences his calculation of U23 staff in Vietnam in the upcoming match?

We have won by U23 in Japan, but we have to pay for the injury of Do Hung Dung. That's too bad. I am sad because I can not see Do Hung Dung compete on ASIAD 2018.

20 players are important with U23 Vietnam. But Do Hung Dung is one of the indispensable players. It is clear that the absence of him in the next game is the strategic loss of U23 Vietnam. Now the other 19 players are trying to fill the hole that he still has.

Personally, I tried to comfort Hung Dung and respect him. For example, if he wants surgery or treatment, I will try to respect him. I hope that Hung Dung will recover soon and that he wants his service at the end of the year at the AFF Cup.

Park Hang Seo takes U23 Vietnam & # 34; ASIAD: I am not a witch - 3

Park Hang Seo admitted that the Hung Mung injury

* U23 Asian cup second and victory on U23 Japan on ASIAD 2018 resonates. Korean media is here to attack you, what do you think of this?

I am not a witch. As I said, I want to communicate with Vietnam with my knowledge or experience.

I want to leave my mark on bringing new football to Vietnam, further development. I want to do well in my assigned tasks.

The next time my determination and aspirations may not change. Today, on the national television of Korea, they are very interested yesterday in the victory of U23 Vietnam for U23 Japan. But we are not only talking about football, but also about life.

* If you watch 3 matches in the ASIAD round, can you share some memorable memories of U23 Vietnam during the trip to win tickets in the last 1/8 part?

The moment I feel the most meaning is the victory over U23 Japan yesterday. That was a very meaningful victory for us. But besides, we were sad, heartbreaking with the injury of Hung Dung. In the near future, we must concentrate on the matches so that we do not have time to do anything else.

* Thanks.

Do you want Vietnamese players to change their confidence in motivation?

Coach Park Hang Seo emphasized: "Honestly, I have real fears myself, but I can not show my students.

I would like to convey to students a courageous confrontation with the challenge, we will do it all. As head of the team, I want the Vietnamese player to turn that trust into a motivation to play better.

Personally, I have many failures and successes. But that is a very valuable experience. More importantly, I do not remember to give up the players, always to fight to the end.

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Coach Hang Seo has full information about rivals U23 Bahrain plays U23 Vietnam.

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