If I win, I'm Vietnamese and if I fail, I'm just a loser

From 22 August, ASIAD 2018 officially opened in Indonesia, Sports Team of Vietnam has only 3 silver medals and 6 bronze medals, ranked 17th on the table. the medal – far below the target of 3-5 HCV, before the departure of the task.

In the four competition days, Vietnamese athletes have repeatedly testified to the failure of the gunman of Hoang Xuan Vinh in the 10 m long pistols that helped the Olympic gold medalist 2016, Nguyen Thi Ngoc, Yachen in the 400m strong combination on the green race.

When I was a child, I was a child when I was a child
Nguyen Thi Anh Vien burst into tears after the failure in the 400m mixed race of the ladies on the dark blue 21/8 on ASIAD 2018. Photo: Hoang Quynh.

And as a common sense, both Hoang Xuan Vinh and Nguyen Thi Anh Vien must undergo great pressure, even the negative reaction of the fans of the country. This is the reason, on the personal social network, the female athlete Chau Kieu Oanh bitterly shared: "When winning, we are Vietnamese, when the failure, we are simply losers."

"I said that, but nobody believed me," said the archer, who was born in 1997. "It is a public appeal," he said, "and if you are the champion, you are on the highest platform, if you have an international national record, you are well informed about the congratulations from all sides and vice versa. in something because of personal reasons or because of a number of injuries you encounter, or for whatever reason you suffer, view on all sides only one side that accuses the criticism and even cursed. "

When I was a boy, I was a Vietnamese boy when I was only 2 years old
Chai Kieu Oanh is smart after SEA Games 29.

Although not many years old, but Chau Kieu Oanh after the light of the SEA Games 29 in Malaysia, it really understood the invisible pressures and difficulties of professional athletes.

"Today we lost, we failed, we did not want to, who does not want to bring the country in general and personally in particular glory, but who wants to lose, we lose, but you look back at what we have done and build the name for Vietnamese sports Instead of criticizing such insults, why not try to encourage, especially now that we need more encouragement from the Vietnamese people than criticism, "Chau Kieu Oanh shares.

When I was a child, when I was a child, I was only 3 years old
Athletes want fans to understand them better.

It is the invisible pressure that every athlete must undergo. Not far from there, the world-famous tennis player Andy Murray has had to endure this. The Scottish player won the Olympic gold medal or won a Grand Slam, the media were written as "the United Kingdom", while Andy Murray failed, he reported with the usual name "Scottish tennis player."

Many people do not understand that becoming a "symbol" like Hoang Xuan Vinh or Nguyen Thi Anh Vien is a "mountain" with enormous pressure on the shoulders of athletes who only understand the insiders. When the game failed, the performance was not as expected, of course the fans of the country are sad, depressed – but we all forget that they are the saddest athletes.

When I was a child, I was a child when I was a child of 4 years old
Pressure is always on the shoulder of gold hope Nguyen Thi Anh Vien.

Understand why, Anh Vien burst into tears and walked straight into the dressing room and missed the interview with the press 21/8 after a failure in the 400m mixed range that is the power of the Vietnamese goldfish South. It is easy to understand why Hoang Xuan Vinh, at the age of 45 – and so brave about the courage of a soldier, chose to be silent for all the negative reactions of the fans.

Many noted that the gunmen Hoang Xuan Vinh or Tran Quoc Cuong are old and should concentrate on investing for young players in shooting. That is what this department is doing, but that plan can not be done without the "symbol" Hoang Xuan Vinh.

When I was a boy, I was a boy when I was only 5 years old
Commander Hoang Xuan Vinh has not been able to withdraw to the glory because of his historic mission to the telegraph of Vietnam.

Without Hoang Xuan Vinh, the "cha" sponsoring of the subject will be extremely difficult and the dream of "sufficient bullets" to shoot the shot of Vietnam guns will forever be a dream. After all the turmoil made in 1974 in the Rio Olympic 2016, now want to retire to the glory, "icon" Hoang Xuan Vinh also can not rest, because the pain that help the juniors improve diet, exercise … thanks to funding sources.

"If I win, I'm a Vietnamese, if I'm a loser, I'm just a loser" – better understanding of the players and keeping up with them in spite of success or failure, the wish of athletes is day and night training, desire to dedicate to bring honor to the country.

Ngoc Duy / VOV.VN
from: Jakarta – Indonesia

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