Indonesia the opportunity to be disabled, recruited female UN wide door to the semi-final ASIAD – football in Vietnam

At the end of Group A with the second, Taiwan (China) coach Mai Duc Chung will face in the quarterfinal ASIAD 18 women's football.

Before the final round in Group A, South Korea became the first team to reach the quarterfinals with six points. Taiwan (China) and Indonesia with 3 points have in turn ranked the next position. To secure the top spot, the Kimchi team must beat the host ASIAD 18 in the match that took place on 21/8.

Home advantage can not help the island's team to surprise the top candidates for the gold medal. The Korean players easily scored on goal Lestari Vera to 12 goals.

Indonesia can be divided into two categories, ASIAD model 1
Vietnamese women meet in Taiwan (China) in the 18th century ASIAD. VFF.

Lee Hyunyoung (4 & # 39 ;, 38 & # 39 ;, 47 & # 39 ;, 71 & # 39; and 90 & # 39;); Ji Soyun (89 & # 39; and 90 + 2 & # 39;), Moon Mira (11 & # 39; and 37), Lim Seonjoo (14 & # 39;), Son Hwayeon (48 & # 39;) and Jang Selgi (68 & # 39;) helped Yoon Dukyeo's team close the scoring round with 9 points, bringing the home team to Thailand or Hong Kong in the top eight.

Conversely, this defeat pushed Indonesia into the "door of death". The ASIAD 18 hosts are the third worst performer with a -16 and the lesser team on Hong Kong has lost 1. If Hong Kong wins or draws Tajikistan at the end of group B on 22 July, they will pass through the quarter finals through narrow fences.

The next ticket from South Korea to go to table A, also Taiwan (China). At the same time, the Horino Hiroyuki students are not bothered to beat opponents weaker than the Maldives to seven non-dismantled targets. The founders of Taiwan (China) are Pan Shinyu (12 & # 39 ;, 31 & # 39;), Zhuo Liping (17 & # 39 ;, 74 & # 39;), Yu Hsiuchin (6 & # 39;), Pao Hsinhsuan (55 & # 39;) and Lee Hsiuchin (63 & # 39; & # 39;).

Taiwan (China) will meet Vietnamese women in the ASIAD 18-female quarter-finals, which will take place on August 24 at Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium. High chance for coach-teacher Mai Duc Chung to repeat the performance in Incheon 4 years ago to reach the semi-finals.

Indonesia can be classified as Vietnam, since ASIAD looks like 2
Recent confrontation between Vietnam and Taiwan (China). graphics: Minh Phuc.

Before joining the tournament in Indonesia, Taiwan (China) chose the Vietnam Young Football Training Center (VFF) as a training ground. The team and the women in Vietnam had two friendly matches to prepare for ASIAD 18. The results, coach Mai Duc Chung won the total score with 8-3.

In the past Vietnamese women have faced many challenges against Taiwan (China) and most have won. At the FIFA rankings in July / 1818, women were in 37th place in Vietnam, while rival Taiwan (China) was in 42nd place.

Indonesia can be considered as Vietnam, since ASIAD looks 3
The final ranking in Group A and rankings of third ranked teams have a good track record of ASIAD 18 women's football.
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    Did you know: Indonesia is the 14th country in the world in terms of land (seventh in the world, including the sea and land), the fourth most populous country in the world. The country also has & # 39; the world's most populous island, Java, accounting for more than half the population of the country.

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