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The Juventus match against Parma is reminiscent of Serie A glory. The glorious past of Italy lingers with regret. One of the biggest regrets is Adriano.

Juventus vs. Parma are currently facing the Serie A. The club dominates the Serie A for seven consecutive years with the recognition of Cristiano Ronaldo. When the world's top superstar arrives, the strength of Juventus outweighs the rest.

On the other hand, Parma is still struggling with finding glory in the past. The past of Parma has Gianluigi Buffon, whose Fabio Cannavaro – who later became part of the history of Italian football. The past also has Adriano.

Juventus Parma: Ronin, who is Adriano? Photo 1
Adriano was very good at Parma.

In Italy the fans often call the big players of the team the name "dread". Francesco Totti is the & # 39; Prince & # 39; from Rome. Maradona, with everything that was dedicated to Napoli, was called "God". Meanwhile Adriano was called "emperor".

"Emperor" throws the crown himself

In fact, the nickname "Emperor" was given to Adriano while he played for Inter, not for Parma. However, the Brazilian player's time with Parma is equally memorable. Because it is the stepping stone of a spire that has bombed the land of Italy later on & # 39 ;.

Adriano joined Parma in the summer of 2002, when Parma & # 39; s hiatus melted. In the first season of wearing a yellow-green shirt, the "emperor" proved his ability to score goals. He joined Adrian Mutu to form the scary scorer of Serie A.

Adriano scored 23 goals in 37 matches in Serie A. In particular, his most remarkable achievement was achieving eight goals in only nine games in 2003/04. At that time Adriano was only 22 years old. The numbers are so impressive that Inter Milan can not stand still.

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Adriano was a scary striker in the Serie A.

Milano decided to buy Adriano and gave him the shirt of number 10. Adriano continued to play in the new shirt. In possession of fitness, speed, technique, he was shocked by an Italian club. The nickname "Emperor" also came from that.

"Adriano has the speed of Ronaldo, the technique of Romario and the left foot of Roberto Carlos," said Roberto Mancini, manager of Inter at that time.

At 13:45 on 2/9, Parma will follow Juventus in Serie A, round 3 of 2018-19.

Adriano saw the peak of form in the 2004-05 season. He made 40 appearances for Inter on all fronts.

Among them there are no shortages and important goals. But after the summit is the abyss. 2005 also saw the fall of the "emperor".

Almir & # 39; s father dies and drives Adriano into a crisis. "Emperor" being held in the house, living away from society and companion with alcohol, cause ruin career.

The image of Adriano on the football field has been reduced. Instead, his private life is complicated, his insatiable lifestyle is widespread.

The ball is still rolling. The Scudetto race is still difficult. Inter does not have enough time to wait for "Emperor". The Nerazzurri pushed Adriano to Sao Paulo on loan. In the end, they wound up their contract in 2009. At this moment & # 39; emperor & # 39; only 27 years old.

Juventus Parma: Ronin, who is Adriano? hinh anh 3
Adriano is the unfortunate case of world football.

Adriano's later days were not that good. The disappointment about succession is an endless cycle. "The Emperor" wandered through many clubs, helpless to find his own old days. At the age of 27, the maturity of the player, Adriano finished his peak period there.

Adriano, Ronaldo and the difference

Adriano is 3 years older than Ronaldo. Both are scary hunters. One person is the long-awaited striker of Brazil. The other is the hope of "Brazil Europe". The agreements in the career of Adriano and Ronaldo have just stopped there.

If after the peak of Adriano the abyss, with CR7, after the peak is a new peak. At the age of 33, the "king" can still forget the world of football. The 2018 World Cup pays full attention to his contract with Juventus.

And Adriano? After leaving the field, he returned to the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here, the "emperor" with a criminal gang, suicide was found but was treated promptly. At the age of 36, what Adriano left was only regret.

Ronaldo is probably different from Adriano in the field after the incident. Bad emotions make the "Emperor" take the wrong decision, of which a career that ruined his career is at the top.

In other words, the "emperor" himself threw his crown. No one can help the emperor & # 39; to restore his position, except himself. But the football world is hard.

Juventus Parma: Ronin, who is Adriano? hinh anh 4
Ronaldo is different from Adriano because he knows what he has to do to maintain his top career.

Time is running out. Soccer goalkeepers continue to play. Adriano has fallen far behind. No team is patiently given the opportunity for a player who has personally destroyed himself.

No longer "the emperor", football continues to produce more alternative talent. Brazil is Neymar. Inter Milan takes charge of Mauro Icardi. And football world is "king" long dominated Ronaldo, alongside genius Lionel Messi.

CR7 scored the first goal in Serie A? What does Parma do after the poor performance in the first two rounds? That will be the focus of the match between Juventus and Parma.

Nobody will remember Adriano's "emperor". Because the world does not prevent a person from moving.

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