Korean Olympic Games decided to remove the honor of honor – football

Prior to the Iranian Olympic Games in the knockout round of ASIAD 2018, the Korean Olympic team is determined to compete explosively to remove the honor.

Just finishing second in Group E of men's football is a big defeat for the Korean team, especially when they have Son Heung-min in the team. In the group phase, Kimchi representatives even lost the Malaysian Olympic team.

sheet KoreaTimes and the news agency Yonhap Kim Hak-bums teacher performance is encapsulated in two words "disappointed". The only place after the final round of the Korean press changed the whole plan of the team.

Tuyen Olympic Han is the national leader who represents him 1
The Korean Olympic Games are being criticized for not fulfilling the expectations in ASIAD 2018.

Looking at the knockout stages, the Korean Olympic team can face Uzbekistan in the quarterfinals when they beat Iran. If he can get Central Asian representatives, the experts believe that Son Heung-min and his team will meet the Vietnamese Olympic team, a prominent newcomer to the tournament, in the semi-finals.

It is not known that the Korean Olympic team has to travel constantly. In the knockout round they play at the Wibawa Mutkit in Cikarang, east of Jakarta. In the quarter-finals, Korean players have to return to Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium in Jakarta.

As the semi-finalists and finalists, ASIAD 2014 champions will continue to the Pakansari Stadium in Bogor, south of Jakarta.

In the event that the Korean Olympic team finished in the first round, they only had to play in the round of 1/8 in the Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium in Jakarta and after that they played in Pakansari from the quarter finals to the final.

Tuyen Olympic Han International is the official name of him 2
Star Son Heung-min will have to go to the army if he can not help the Korean Olympic Games win the gold medal at ASIAD 2018.

Prior to the Iranian Olympic match at 7:30 PM on 23/8, coach Kim Hak-bum did not know the opponent. "To be honest, we did not analyze the Iranian national team because the results of the group phase have become unpredictable."

to follow Korea Times, the Korean Olympic team is faced with many fears. In the beginning, the players did not have the highest morale. Many faces in the team of Kimchi to participate in ASIAD 2018 is criticized as very superficial game.

This is how the behavior of the Korean Olympic members was also condemned. In particular, Hwang did not shake Hee-chan with the Malaysian Olympic player after the referee whistled. This action was criticized by the web community, so he closed personal accounts.

Recently coach Kim Hak-bum and star Son Heung-min have had to express the spirit of the team. Kim said that the defeat of the Malaysian Olympic Games had become a warning signal for the Korean Olympic Games, and forced them to be more cautious with the gold medal campaign.

Tuyen Olympic Han is the third national Olympic champion
Coach Kim Hak-bum did not care about the Iranian Olympic rivals.

Meanwhile Son Heung-min claims that Iran is a strong contender and that he and his teammates are willing to do this. "We need more effort in the next game." From the knock-out round, the opponents are so formidable, "the Tottenham star told the news agency. Yonhap.

With Son Heung-min, the ASIAD 2018 had a big influence on his international career. If the team can not win the gold medal, this attacking star must take part in the military service for two years.

Korean coach: & # 39; I'm sorry that I have to go driving & # 39;

Subjective and psychological smuggling ensured that the Korean Olympic Games lost the highest place in the hands of the Malaysian Olympic Games and fall directly into ASIAD 18 in the hard line in men's football.

(According to KoreaTimes)

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