Live U23 China against U23 Saudi Arabia round 1/8 Assisi 2018

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– The match has begun

– MINUTES: Both teams choose aggressive offensive play and replace each other for the goal difference.

– MINUTE 14: Nr. 9 Junsheng is about to lead the 16th-century area of ​​Saudi Arabia from the U23, but has been countered by an attacking defender. However, there was no free kick for U23 China.

– MINUTE 16: U23 SAUDI ARABIA IS PUBLIC OF NUMBER. Rarely show off, but the team from the Middle East to move forward. In a central attack, the ball was quickly deployed and no. 9 Haroune Moussa Camara escaped to the side of the team and cleverly passed the ball past goalkeeper Chen Wei and scored the first goal of the game.

– MINUTE 25: goal scored as capital, U23 Saudi Arabia more self-assurance to occupy the game. U23 China is struggling hard to hit hard to make a goal equalizer, even constantly threatened by the simple game, the strength of the opponent.

– MINUTE 29: U23 SAUDI ARABIA SECOND WRITTEN. Despite gathering four to five home fielders, U23 China still leaves No. 11 Saad Ali Aleslouli comfortable in motion to catch a teammate and easily take away goalkeeper Chen Wei with a click of the ball. Lake.

– MINUTES 31: Immediately after receiving the second goal, No. 7 Shihao of U23 China went up high by striking the bar, missed the chance to score the home team. U23 Saudi Arabia immediately responded with a powerful flight of steps less than 10 meters from the Camara and the ball to stray narrowly.

– MINUTE 33: U23 SAUDI ARABIA UP TO 3-0. An incredible scenario takes place on the ground when U23 China continues to receive more goals. Camara was sidelined after going through the head of his teammates but no whistle and the number 9 of the U23 Saudi Arabia easily entered the penalty area and defeated goalkeeper Chen Wei.

– 40: No. 9 striker Zhang Yuning hugged his head to regret when he lost the ball and missed the chance to take an ultra-thin turn for U23 China.

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