Lonely star needs compassion for the Olympic Games in Vietnam

Perhaps the tactical map from the beginning of 2018 until now only used a central midfielder from Park Hang Seo, Xuan Truong can not promote its capacity.

Unlike the previous tournaments, Xuan Truong always gets the support of at least one defensive midfielder, after which Park Hang Seo in Asiad 2018 regularly arranged only Xuan Truong everywhere in the central area. of the midfield of the Vietnamese midfielder, whose primary task is to defend from afar.

This is an unknown task for Xuan Truong, because his strength attacks, the game organizes and delivers the ball to the strikers at the top.

Not quite right from the start of the Asiad 2018, but Xuan Truong is still an important card for coach Hang Seo Park.

Not quite right from the start of the Asiad 2018, but Xuan Truong is still an important card for coach Hang Seo Park.

Xuan Truong comes from the HA Gia Lai JMG training facility, a training facility specializing in the production of attacking players, so when forced to fall back, the task of restoring the ball and defensive support, it is no longer Xuan Truong that people often see.

By the way, after 20 laps, especially the consecutive rounds in a closed way (2 games / week) in the V-League 2018, on the threshold of this year, the power of many Olympic players in Vietnam was planned. They did not gather in the Asian games.

Xuan Truong is more of a disadvantage than many other teammates at team level, because at the club, because there is no "shared fire" match, Xuan Truong easily becomes overloaded than many other famous midfielder, The other football teams.

It is true that Xuan Truong did not show up at this year's Asian Games, but a talented player like midfielder HA Gia Lai, with tactical optics, has not yet been confirmed. Day two became surplus at team level.

Imagine the case of the Olympic team in Vietnam with the help of more defensive midfielder, such as the way Huy Huy faced the Asian U23 Spring Championship six months ago, Xuan Truong can be freed from the defensive role, then his creativity expressed freely as a way to organize and support the team's attack.

At the moment, Xuan Truong needs quietly on the couch to regenerate energy, and he also feels like reducing his desire to play before he is being coached to Park Hang Seo to kick him sometimes. A good point to watch in the team, like Park did for Cong Phuong.

And like the former trainer Nguyen Thanh Vinh, that the reserve or the official only at the beginning of the match is different, not otherwise in interest to the team. There are players on the bench but not the meaning of the word "reserve" that people often understand, but sometimes it is the "card in the sleeve" of the coach.

Xuan Truong can be such a card, even if the case of HA Gia Lai players did not make their debut!

Kim Dien

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