Looking back at the Asian Games of 2018: what opportunities for Southeast Asia?

Looking back at the Asian Games of 2018: what opportunities for Southeast Asia?

Asian games are "popularized"

The Asian Games of 2018 organized 53 games with a total of 445 medals. At the end of the congress, the Chinese delegation had almost no match with 132 gold medals, 92 silver medals and 65 bronze medals, almost double the number of Japanese seconds.

It is not surprising that China wins the most gold medals in basic disciplines such as swimming, athletics, canoeing, rowing, TDDC … So there is a feeling that the Asian Games is the place for Chinese athletes to show their strength and grand final of the Olympic Games for the next two years.

When China wins almost a third of the gold medals of the Asian Games, the rest of the competition will of course be fierce competition from other sports teams, with Japan and South Korea still the two most dominant countries. Which opportunities for Southeast Asian countries?

Pencak silat was first included in the program of the Asian Games of 2018. Photo: Duc Cuong

Pencak silat was included for the first time in the program of the Asian Games of 2018 – Photo: Duc Cuong

To look straight ahead, the long-established sports industry in Southeast Asia, which has long been considered a lowland in Asia, has been organizing its own SEA Games for years. Short distance of degree with continent and world. The early goodwill of the SEA Games has recently been criticized by foreign countries, especially the host country, for introducing a variety of "strange" sports in the competition. medals.

Not only SEA Games, even the Asian Games this year after 20 years to be stretched again in Southeast Asia (most recently Thailand in 1998), but also many top sport experts complained that "are popular, such as playing cards, pencak silat, kabaddi, sambo, kurash, skateboard, paragliding, climbing wall … allowing countries to compete with moderate movements chapter.

Southeast Asia is leading in Asia?

Also because many sports are "weird", the host country Indonesia reached the fourth place for the first time with 31 gold medals, 24 silver medals and 43 bronze medals. A surprising achievement, four years ago in Korea, Indonesia reached 17th place with 4 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 11 bronze medals.

Looking at the results, however, will not surprise you if the traditional martial arts pencak silat has helped the country to win 14 HCV, climbing wall (3HCV), paragliding (2HCV). Yet it must be admitted that Indonesian players are also excellent in winning two gold medals in badminton, two gold medal bikes, one gold medal, one gold medal, one gold medal. Olympics.

In Southeast Asia, Indonesia is the only country in the top 10 in the medal table, while Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Philippnes are in the top 20. It can still be fun to have nine Southeast Asian countries win the Asian games, except Brunei and East Timor.

Bui Thi Thu Thao is the only female player in Southeast Asia who wins gold medals - Photo: Duc Cuong

Bui Thi Thu Thao is the only female player in Southeast Asia who wins gold medals – Photo: Duc Cuong

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese delegation, although ranked 17th in the rankings, but the fact that the sport has taken a long step compared with four years ago at the congress in Korea. At that time, the Vietnamese delegation won 1 gold medal, 10 silver medals, 25 bronze medals and 21 st in general, but this time won 4 gold medals, 16 silver medals, 18 bronze medals.

In particular, two HCV athletes and rowing were seen by the head of Tran Duc Phan as "ten gold" because of the Olympic team. At the same time the long distance HCV from Bui Thi Thu Thao Vietnam helped to become the only Asian country in Southeast Asia that won gold medals for athletics, helping us become the best sports queen in the region.

The Asian Games of 2018 makes it possible to see Southeast Asian sports despite recent progress, but in fact there is still a huge gap compared to Asia. Not to mention, go for 3 basic sports such as athletics, swimming and fitness as examples will see very clearly. It should be noted that these are the three most prestigious medals, but in Southeast Asia only Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia have medal matches, only swimming in Singapore and Vietnam, no regional sports school has won the medal. That is enough to say a lot of things.

Southeast Asia, when it has a strong voice in the Asian Games, may need more thinking and empowerment than to pursue SEA Games competitions.


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