M.U rejects Mourinho and replaces him by Zidane

The time of Jose Mourinho in Manchester United is almost full! As a fixed rotation of fate, the third season of the "Special One" at a club always tinged with boredom. M.U Mourinho's resignation and Zinedine Zidane's most worthy candidate.

M. You must fire Mourinho

Since starting his coaching career, choir 2 years happy, a sad year repeated with Jose Mourinho. Not to say, everyone knows the feeling of "special person" in the current situation like. Not easy when the calls for M.U to dismiss Mourinho occur everywhere. Bongda24h.vn is not there.

But at some point everything becomes insensitive to Mourinho. The triumphs of the defeat in the third season with Mou was not the same as before. He is very familiar with it, from Real Madrid, Chelsea and now M.U.

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Mourinho starts in the past

Perhaps Mourinho will change the situation, from the crime of becoming a hero. But this Signs of a tragic end for him is superior. Dropout 2-3 for Brighton on Sunday Premier League as a big flood and MU troops in the hands of Mou, like a small boat.

Mourinho & # 39; s second season with M.U, where there are many expectations, they are white. By the third season of this demonic, no one thought that the Portuguese rulers could steer. Media and expertise Get ready for the prospect that Mou will be kicked out of Old Trafford. Top candidates who take over the M.U chair are listed.

Only with Ed Woodward, Jose Mourinho will be the man.
M. You started thinking about changing the coach

The names Mauricio Pochettino, Max Allegri are mentioned. But former captain of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane is the best candidate. In comparison with other competitors, Zizou understands Mourinho's mood more than anyone else Since last season alone, he has also experienced real situations like the current M.U.

At that time nobody recognized Real, a European champion. They have a series of bad results in La Liga and the chair of Zidane shakes violently. But then the former French player with talent and talent can still turn the tables to the same Los Blancos, the Champions League won 3 consecutively.

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Former Reds boss Jose Mourinho will be fired in the rest of 2018 and Zinedine Zidane is the ideal candidate for the hot seat.

The collapse of MU Mourinho did not start real time this season. Only a few friendly games plus two unconvincing matches that have passed in the Premier League are too few to conclude. From the second half of last season, typical defeat against Sevilla in the 1/8 round of the Champions League, the Red Devils have exhausted the gas.

Just after that forgettable Old Trafford (losing to Sevilla 1-2) Many M.U fans have turned their backs on Mourinho. The Manucians increasingly think that the former Chelsea captain is not the right person to lead the traditional English team of top class.

Although M.U won second place in the Premier League and reached the FA Cup final, their fans are never proud of Mourinho. And although the Red Devils did not really get into a crisis, there is still controversy around who will have the leadership of the team in the future.

Mourinho and Zidane

M.U rejects Mourinho and appoints Zidane

Zidane is the perfect replacement

Pochettino is the dream of many, but given the failure of Real Madrid in an attempt to seduce Tottenham's team-mate strategist, it can at this time be considered an unrealistic goal for M.U. Allegri, as the Reds boss at the end of last season, the situation is different.

At this moment, the 51-year-old has extended his contract with Juventus. In addition, Allegri is also equipped with radical staff. It is typically a blockbuster of 112 million euros with Cristiano Ronaldo to serve the European championship ambitions of the Bianconeri. The working environment was ideal and he could hardly leave his native Italy after the appeal of M.U.

http://bongda24h.vn/Legend MU: No one has enough patience with Mourinho anymore
The legend of Viv Anderson said that the attitude of coach Jose Mourinho in Manchester United made people uncomfortable and did not have enough patience with him.

However, there are still Zidane is a lifesaver for M.U And also "backbone in the eyes" Mourinho. Zizou is now free and ready to replace Mou at any time. The real fire experience at Real promises to help him arrange the dusty atmosphere at Old Trafford.

Zidane can be "Mr. Perfect" for M.U. The Manchester side needed a man to calm the players and it was definitely the fortune of the 46-year-old. The past at Real shows, Zidane has done well to improve his morale and is the key to his numerous titles, including three consecutive Champions League titles.

Who would have the biggest conflict with Mourinho at M.U? Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial. However, on the contrary, they all see Zidane as their idol from childhood.

Zidane can send M.U through the hardships

Zidane can fully replicate the same at M.U. He may not be a tactical revolutionary, but not a football coach. When we talk about the identity of M.U, someone immediately thinks of the speed and energy of Sir Alex Ferguson. This is what Zidane has done at Real for almost 3 years.

As far as Zidane is concerned, this is also the chance to prove his talent in a club other than Real Madrid. The charm of the Premier League and the fight with Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Pochettino or Maurizio Sarri … is fascinating.

Yet there are some who doubt the management of Zidane. But one thing is certain: a coach who has won three Champions League titles and one La Liga can not just be happy. If Zidane can solve a difficult time in a complex club like Real Madrid, there is no reason why he can not save the ship swept away by Mourinho.

as well as Zidane and Real

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