Men are afraid of enlistment is no less Son Heung Min U23 Korea

– With the win over Asiad 2018, Son Heung Min and the entire Korean Olympic team will be exempt from military service – something many South Korean stars longed for.

Winning the Olympic Games in Japan in the 2018 final, Son Heung Min and the entire Korean Olympic team did the same for the senior champions at the 2014 Asiad.

Men are afraid of enlistment is no less Son Heung Min U23 Korea
Son Heung Min was released from military service. Photo: Yonhap.

With this victory the entire team is exempt from military service. The last compulsory military service of Korea stipulates that no one may give permission to postpone the commissioning after receipt of the invoice, with the exception of certain exceptions. This has become the obsession of many Korean stars, not only from Son Heung Min and his teammates.

Much star A delayed enlistment

According to the new law on military service, if the law allows a delayed appointment for legitimate reasons, all Korean men aged over 28 years after receiving the papers must be called to immediately join the army.

For boys older than 25 years they are limited to foreign countries, they can not go abroad more than 5 times a year and they live abroad for no more than 6 months.

Since the new law on military service, many South Korean stars have postponed military service to build a stable career between 25 and 30 years. Because they only have to fulfill this obligation before the age of 35 years.

Men are afraid of enlistment is no less Son Heung Min U23 Korea
Lee Min Ho is fresh, thick white after enlistment.

In the past, a number of high-ranking A-listers were hampered by deliberate delays in meeting their obligations or in undergoing medical examinations. Lee Min Ho, Bi Rain, Won Bin, Hyun Bin, Song Seung Hun, Jang Dong Gun … are controversial names for delaying their service.

In 2016, Lee Min Ho will not be invoked because of a car accident, after he has left his left foot in a car accident. Many people are disappointed that idols only try to apologize for not performing their duties. On May 12, 1977, the actor "City Hunter" was finally recruited.

Not only Lee Min Ho, actor Lee Jong Suk lets fans lose courage. The 29-year-old actor is quite expensive to film movies and television. For this reason, Lee Jong Suk has postponed his employment. By the end of July 1977, the actor was notified of his entry into service and was due to perform his duties in August of the same year.

Because of the filming of several films, the manager of the actor "I can hear your voice" has announced his delay in service. Over Nate Entertainment, Lee Jong Suk has been criticized by the netizens for acting, not respecting the obligations of the nation.

Rain has also postponed military service several times, but must eventually fulfill his obligations after the summons. However, shortly afterwards, Rain was criticized when the media discovered that he volunteered for Kim Tae Hee at the weekend.

A similar delay occurred in 2012. Arsenal striker Park Chu-young used the residence permit he received in Monaco as a basis for a postponement of 10 years. Park's decision led to strong criticism in his birthplace. He was eliminated from the national team and forced to return to Seoul to apologize to the public.

Make a medical record to escape the obligation

Not only work, many artists have fake disease to escape the obligation. Among them, especially the top three male stars: Jang Hyuk, Song Seung Hun and Han Jae Suk all submitted false accusations to be postponed for adoption in 2004.

Men are afraid of enlistment is no less Son Heung Min U23 Korea
Three major stars simultaneously provided false medical examinations for the postponement of the military service in 2004.

This was however discovered. All three artists had to undergo medical examinations under military supervision and additional military service. At that time they had to hold a press conference to apologize for enlistment because of the wave of criticism.

Psy, the owner of the hit "Gangnam Style" even went to the army twice. In 2003 Psy enrolled at the age of 26 and resigned in 2005. Two years later, however, Psy was distracted by work, which still held the show and appeared on some local stations during the entry. contingent. In October 2007, the court in Seoul ruled that Psy had to re-enroll to make up for the mistake.

From 1999 to 2006 MC Mong took the excuse to accompany civil servants, vocational trainers and foreign artists to the dentist who drew 12 times to postpone military service. Even the star decided to exterminate all four teeth that are not healthy enough & # 39; were and to do service. This incident brought MC Mong to court despite his request for forgiveness.

Many idol groups run the risk of an emergency situation

Because of the renewal law This military service, the male idol Doojoon (Highlight) was born in 1989, was not allowed to close to attend a number of foreign events.

The new military service law of Korea also made members of many groups such as EXO, BTS, Highlight, WINNER, iKON, SHINee, VIXX, GOT7 because they are in the army.

Men are afraid of enlistment is no less Son Heung Min U23 Korea
EXO is at the peak of his career.

EXO has about 5 of the 9 members who are ready to serve. It is unclear whether the management of the group will choose the option for all five members to carry out joint military service or to become one on one. But whatever the alternative, the activities of the same EXO group will experience many failures, while their "coverage" is not small. BTS is also a headache case when the group is at the height of reputation, the name spread around the world.

During the two-year service that many Korean artists fear is a stop in their careers, many seek refuge. Nevertheless, recent Korean celebrities still find their fame after the military dress, which is the case with Song Joong Ki.

Bang Tam

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