Mourinho stopped the lesson, Zidane teaches English instead

Monday, October 1, 2018 05:05 AM (GMT + 7)

Jose Mourinho runs the risk of being fired and does not help him when he does not return to Manchester to prepare for the Champions League in Valencia.

United's 3 goals against West Ham in the 7th round of the English Premier League:

Mourinho stopped the episode

After the defeat of West Ham 1-3, the situation becomes increasingly chaotic MU. According to the Daily Mail, the manager of Manchester United starts to worry that Jose Mourinho will be fired in less than a month because of the bad form of the Red Devils, which is currently ranked 10th in the Premier League and is eliminated. of the League Cup by Derby County.

Mourinho stopped drinking, Zidane teaches English to wait - 1

Mourinho is approaching the resignation more than ever after United West lost Ham

Daily Mail says that some members of the technical staff are even worried that the future of Mourinho will be removed this week and that some also have to follow the Portuguese coach when Manchester chooses the new coach. As far as the Manchester United players are concerned, their morale is very low, if not for the style of the team, also because there is no incentive for Mourinho.

It was revealed after the game against West Ham that the Manchester United players returned to Manchester by train, but Mourinho did not join. He stayed in London because his family still lives in the capital since Mourinho returned to England 5 years ago to lead Chelsea. One of the things that Mourinho criticized was that he would not settle in Manchester, but would rent a hotel.

Although there will be a game against Valencia on Tuesday-evening (2 PM, 3/10), it seems that Manchester United players will rehearse on Monday without Mourinho's supervision. The absence of the coach during the training is unclear whether it will help the ghosts of the players to rise or influence the preparation for a big game in the European Cup, but the Daily Mail said that this alone The manager of Manchester United now has a unfavorable look at Mourinho.

Zidane arrives in England and learns how to mourn Mourinho to lead United

A few hours after United lost the West Ham 1-3 at the Premiership in London in the 7th round of the English Premier League, beIN SPORTS confirmed that Red Devils contacted Zinedine Zidane to replace Jose. Mourinho.

Mourinho stopped drinking, Zidane teaches English to wait - 2

Zinedine Zidane ready for new role at MU?

According to the latest exclusive source of The Sun, Zidane rushes to learn English in preparation for the role of the new captain of the Red Devils.

The former French coach who left Real Madrid in May with a record of three consecutive Champions League titles with the White Vulture & # 39 ;, would have rejected the attractive offer in the Middle East to continue . Held in a large European team.

Zidane and his wife, Véronique Fernández, have also arrived in London, England, for a two-week visit to the award ceremony of the "Best FIFA Football Awards". The Frenchman met and was defeated by Manchester United boss Mancini at Old Trafford.

Mourinho stops and leaves Zidane to learn English

On the Instagram site, the couple Zidane leaves them not long ago in London (England)

Mourinho leaves MU: PSG as teacher Neymar restores prestige in the C1 Cup

Jose Mourinho understands that his career at Manchester United is coming to an end.

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