MU disappointed: Mourinho gradually "dying"?

After losing Brighton, coach Mourinho suddenly "wise" strange. He refused to criticize a Manchester United player despite the fact that the Reds played very badly and made many mistakes.

Mourinho is powerless to bring United into stability

Mourinho is powerless to bring United into stability

The attitude of Mourinho raised questions. Want to treat & # 39; others & # 39; with your students? Nevertheless, many experts say in the negative claim that & # 39; special people & # 39; getting so tired that they do not even bother to criticize.

Saying that the Portuguese coach in his speech admitted that Manchester has made many mistakes and lost confidence. Despite all the measures taken in the past, but "Special person", the situation still can not improve.

United has been on the road last season. They can not maintain stability and stability for a long time to think. Remember that before the season the players have given the share of coach Mourinho who is the highest that is likely to be the first in the Premier League to be dismissed.

Bodybuilding expert Judi James points out that the attitude, movement and hands of Mourinho "accuse" him of dissatisfaction and confusion.

In fact, United has entered dozens of instability this season. Coach Mourinho repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the BLD MU because he did not meet the store requirements. Meanwhile, Martial is slowly getting tired of working with Mourinho. The player has been delayed in returning to concentration (and has imposed a fine of up to two weeks of wages). During the match with Brighton over, this player has actively avoided and Coach Mourinho will not shake after he has been replaced.

After returning from the MU World Championship in 2018, Paul Pogba gave the following message: "If we trust each other, everything will be easy." Everyone knows that that statement is aimed at "special people & # 39 ;.

Coach Mourinho is going to die?

Coach Mourinho is gradually "dying"?

During his work at Manchester United, coach Mourinho repeatedly made the statement and decided to "touch". Crippled Luke Shaw, criticized, banished Martial and Pogba on the couch. The highlight is that he publicly criticized the BLD MU on the news.

Wounded in the second half too disappointed, lack of combat atmosphere in the match with Brighton (though led), fans of the Reds feel heartbreaking. It felt like Mourinho could not motivate them or else, they no longer wanted to fight for "special people".

In the past coach Mourinho was the teacher of psychology. But beware, through the years, the players were no longer "ready to die" for him. In Chelsea, Mourinho was betrayed and abandoned. The situation seems to be moving in the same direction at MU.

On the outside MU is good, but everyone sees, they lack mutual trust. BLM MU no longer gives coach Mourinho too much money because he loses confidence in his ability to succeed. "Special person" lost confidence in the players. The stars did not find the driving force for Mourinho.

Nobody denied the talents of Mourinho, but his top successes flow back to the past. The Portuguese coach lives in a real mess. He gradually moves on to the tragedy of & # 39; backward & # 39; because he does not dare to change (from philosophical and student approaches).


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