Nghe A stone just keeps worrying about talent

Up-to-date, every season past leaders of Nghe An SL headache with worry "bleeding talent". At the end of the 2018 season, players born in 1993 of Nghe An SL will expire when they turn 25 as agreed. The players who contract with the governing club are forced to make some assumptions about their future in the new season.

Nghe An is the first team to move for the new season, with the departure of a series of pillars. Young training halls such as Nghe An SL usually have binding contracts and also to retain their talents up to 25 years, the players have the right to decide for the future without taking a fee.

Nghe An for fear of losing Que Ngoc Hai after the V-League 2018 ended

Nghe An for fear of losing Que Ngoc Hai after the V-League 2018 ended

Many Nghe players after their time spent with their home team have chosen to leave at the age of 25 to find a new overflow for their income and even more desire. Simply because the life of the player is very short, if not "enlisted", within a few years they will stop the technology without having anything in hand.

This is also a harsh reality for poor places and leaders of these teams are forced to accept that helplessness has not been resolved in any way. At Nghe An SL, however, the bleeding talent is mostly, most players when the name is chosen to leave.

General manager of Nghe An SL club Nguyen Hong Thanh said that the number of players born in 1993 at the end of the season will be out of training and they need a new contract. The goal of the club is to try to retain the talent, but to retain it or not, depending on the financial possibilities.

Only 4 years ago Nghe An SL broke out with 9 national players like Trong Hoang, Phi Son, Dinh Dong, Hoang Thinh, Van Hoan, Phi Son … and here, Que Ngoc Hai Possibly the tenth case. In addition to Ngoc Hai Cinnamon, some of Nghe An SL's key pillars such as Nguyen Manh, Xuan Toan or Van Binh will expire at the end of this season.

In recent times there have been rumors about the new landing of Que Quoc Hai. Nghe's handwork team can hardly keep Que Ngoc Hai without money. According to the experts, HA Gia Lai can be a suitable destination for Que Hai because this team has no defense over the past few seasons.

The imbalance between the work and the players causes the German team a lot of difficulties to reach the goals. The interview with Ngoc Hai on HA Gia Lai was entirely based on the election of Germany to "rescue" Que Ngoc Hai VFF disciplinary discipline after an offense against Tran Khoa Khoa of Da Nang.

With a budget of about 30 billion VND / season, it is very difficult for the Nghe team to keep all pillars successful. Not to mention the fact that many players think, that is the contract between Nghe An SL and the main sponsor – Bank of North Asia, will also expire at the end of 2018. And, from this point on, SL Art An had to live with the familiar fear of finding the money to keep the activity and keep the pillars.


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