Nguyen Thi That: "This year's road is too heavy for me"

The length of the 100 km long female race originates in the Subang circuit, about 120 km from Jakarta. Vietnam has two representatives: Nguyen Thi Nguyen and Nguyen Thi Thi participate in the contest and are expected to try to change the color of the silver plate into gold.

The golden hope of Vietnam is quite competitive during the race. Even if they are separated to form the top with five athletes when the goal is about 12 km, there is no sign that Nguyen Thi Truc is weak even when the track has a lot of steep passages. It takes a lot of effort.

With only 5 km to go, when Na Ahreum (Korea) accelerated forward and created a safe distance from the four racers behind him, Nguyen Thi Real suddenly began to slow down. She seems exhausted and painful, so that she can not move her legs faster to drive her opponents forward.

Nguyen Thi That: This year's route is too strict for me - Photo 1.

After Ahreum (South Korea) was only on ice

After Ahreum won the first goal and won the gold medal with a time of 2 hours and 55 minutes and 47 seconds. Pu Yixia (China) won the silver medal, while Eri Yonamine (Japan) won the bronze medal. Nguyen Thi Truong is in fifth position with a lead time of less than 2 minutes.

Nguyen Thi That: This route map is too strict for me - photo 2.

Nguyen Thi Thu was upset after gaining the fifth place

"This year's road is too heavy for me, not to really say this, but it is not my strength." Today I tried it, fought hard, win myself. Thank you all for your teammates. "

"How powerful, I get the results that way, I've done my best, can not ask for more, my opponent is too strong, so I have to accept this achievement," Nguyen Thi Truong admits.

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