Old Mourinho will be fired before Christmas

Old Mourinho will be fired before Christmas
M.U appoints coach Jose Mourinho in the summer of 2016 in the hope that he will help them return to the top after Sir Alex Ferguson retires. And even in the 2016/17 season, Mourinho helped the Reds win three trophies, including the British Super Cup, the League Cup and the Europa League.

In the 2017/18 season, M.U was disappointed with two goals in the Premier League and the FA Cup. United had a bad start to the season when she lost to Brighton in the second round. Previously there was information about the bad relationship between Mourinho and vice president Ed Woodward, as well as the players.

Recently, former football player Lee Sharpe made a comment about the Portuguese strategist: "He really was a mistake in this job, Jose Mourinho is very passionate and happy."

"But now he is a bit stingy and depressed, and even complains about not getting new contracts." Football is not about entertainment and what makes it worse when two Their big players are Manchester City and Liverpool who play football. "

"The negative style of Jose Mourinho does not live up to the expectations of the vast majority of Manchester United fans, and I think he's going to have good players before Christmas and has a lot of depth." It's necessary to remove the psychological barrier. . "

"Last season, I thought the Reds were acceptable because City was so strong and they broke records, but if they were third or fourth and they were boring football, they could not." Mourinho calms down, I'm not sure, & # 39, Sharpe said.

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