Olympic Bahrain most afraid of Quang Hai

Although repeatedly no information about the Olympic rivals Vietnam, but head of the Olympic delegation Bahrain Ahmed Bin Isa Al Khalifa confirmed that he is very impressed by some players of Park Hang Seo. They are Quang Hai, Van Quyet and Hung Dung.

Olympic Bahrain pays special attention to the midfielder of Quang Hai

Olympic Bahrain pays special attention to the midfielder of Quang Hai

These three bridges are part of the Hanoi club, but at the moment Hung Dung broke the Vietnamese Olympic Games after a break from the big toe in the last match against the Japanese Olympic team,

"We have just seen a game of the Olympic Games in Vietnam 10 Nguyen Van Quyt players play well except the player is 18 Do Hung Dung and especially the player 19 Quang Hai Their level is not equal to the Japanese or Korean players I am quite surprised when players like Quang Hai do not play in Europe. "

Ahmed Bin Isa said that the growing number of Asian players in European tournaments will be of great help to the region. The goal of European football is also in the footsteps of Bahrain, although there are currently only 10 players who play Mohamed Hardan for Vejle Boldklub in Denmark.

Speaking of his team, the head of the Bahrain Olympic team said they were rejuvenating, using most of the U21 players in Assisi this time. Nevertheless, the Bahrain Olympics have a lot of confidence to defeat the Vietnamese Olympic Games tonight.

Hoang Quoc (from Indonesia)

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