Reports Federer, Djokovic won the Cincinnati Masters

Djokovic often defeats Federer in recent encounters, making the Serb more confident when confronted with Federer, a true icon of the Cincinnati Masters. However, in the past two years, the two have never met, this is the time Djokovic injury and severe downturn.

Despite the fact that he has a difficult playing field, Djokovic has not won a big tournament since the beginning of the year. He was eliminated fairly quickly last week in Toronto.

Djokovic has won the Masters 1000 title this year

Djokovic has won the Masters 1000 title this year

Despite doubts about the form, Djokovic had a great match against Federer, who won two sets in just an hour and 34 minutes. Although Federer was impressed by the high 11s, almost three times the number of Nole, but overall, like the ability to score, break the game, Djokovic is better. That is why Nole's victory is very worthy.

Federer admitted that his opponent deserved to win. "Congratulations Novak for writing today's history," Federer said. "This is a great effort not only in this time, but as a whole of his career to achieve this result." You have to be very proud of that great achievement. "

Federer started a bit when the Swiss had a hard time playing his first game. After successfully rescuing two breakpoints, Federer successfully defended the game three times. Unlike Federer & # 39; s breakthrough, Djokovic won the first game in the lead.

The excellent form of Nole has put pressure on Federer, the Serb who has passed Game 7, who has successfully exploited the breaking point in this game to get a break. With a victory of 4-3, Nole comfortably reached the 6-4 victory with two quick handball games.

After losing the first set, Federer had a good start of the second set when breaking two games. Unfortunately, the Swiss player can not separate, he lets Nole claim to break the game in three. After the attacking start, Djokovic quickly found stability and continued to put opponents under pressure.

He broke Game 7 again in this game. The chance to win, Nole did not fall, he eventually won 6-4 by two games to win the game nicely.

Federer was second and Djokovic got the championship

Federer was second and Djokovic got the championship

"Of course, this is a very special moment when I'm in the same title for the first time", said the former song Djokovic, after being beaten seven times by Cincinnati, Federer – to win the championship.

"The difficult time I experienced was like a roller coaster ride in my career with injury, rest time and surgery earlier this year, so it was incredible when I came back to the top, won Wimbledon and won my first Cincinnati title."

This victory helped Djokovic take a long step on the ATP rankings, the Serb goes to the sixth place. That will help him to gain a better position at the upcoming US Open.


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