Results Arsenal 3-1 West Ham 3 hard points from the Gunners

At the Emirates Stadium, Union Emery's team members play an easy victory over West Ham in the past. The 90 minutes of the match, however, showed the opposite.

As usual, Arsenal are still very good at controlling the ball, but in this game the Gunners' attack lines are not clear enough, so West Ham's goal is not too much under pressure. The game was pretty boring during the first half when Arsenal got stuck on the path to the visitors' goal.

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Arsenal has 3 hard points in the Premier League round 3 (Photo: Getty).

Unai Emery surprised Ramsey to replace Ozil as the captain of Arsenal, but the Gunners could not get a better game. The players are not really excellent, but Arsenal is the team with the most dangerous situations in which the Mkhitaryan and Ramsey midfield contradict the talent of the Fabianski-keeper, but the keeper of West Ham still stands.

The Gunners paid off in the 25th minute after Felipe Anderson and Felix Anderson, the striker of Marko Arnautovic. On the other side of the table, the Arsenal players suddenly scored a fortune by fortifying the fortune of Monreal defender from a messy situation in the West Ham.

Unai Emery did not make much progress this season in the Premier League, with Lacazette replacing Iwobi in the second half. Immediately the French player had shot a situation of bullying Fabianski after the situation, free from the distance of 18m, but did not win the guard of West Ham.

55 minutes, the Gunners continue to change when rookie replaced Torreira Guendouzi. West Ham also made adjustments with the arrival of the former Manchester United striker, Chicharito. However, before the players are closed, the Mexican players can not show much.

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Unai Emery won his first Premier League trophy (Image: Getty).

At 75, Manuel Pellegrini increased his firepower by striker Yarmolenko, Arsenal also made new when Welbeck replaced Aubameyang.

77 minutes, suddenly came when the Gunners goal to take the lead for the home team of West Ham defender Diop.

After the defeat, the West Ham players are full of effort. The coach of Manuel Pellegrini repeatedly organized many dangerous attack situations typical of the horizontal phase and sadly eliminated Arsenal's selection of rookie Felipe Anderson. There is no player on the team welcome. pick up the ball.

In the final minutes, Arsenal added a goal, thanks to forward striker Danny Welbeck to win a final 3-1 victory over West Ham.

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