Roberto Firmino & # 39; s new injury was revealed by coach Klopp

The injury of Roberto Firmino was revealed to coach Jurgen Klopp. The Germans are not sure if Liverpool students will return to PSG in the first round of the Champions League group stage.

Firmino eye injury

In a 2-1 win over Tottenham in Wembley last weekend, Roberto Firmino scored one goal. The joy was not complete with the Brazilian striker when he suffered a rare injury after a collision with Jan Vertonghen on the other side.

In a ballistic situation, Vertonghen accidentally lights Firmino's eye. Fotos make viewers far away when the finger of Tottenham midfielder penetrates deep into the "window of the soul" of number 9 Liverpool.

Roberto Firmino & # 39; s injury is revealed by coach Klopp
Vertonghen caused damage to Firmino

Klopp is not sure of his student

Fortunately, Roberto Firmino's injury was not serious. However, coach Jurgen Klopp revealed that his ability to return to the PSG match in the Champions League match 2018/19 of the 26-year-old player is uncertain. "Nothing came out and the Firmino situation was much better," Klopp said.

"We all looked at the photos and we were very nervous, but all these worries were gone because he was okay, but I do not know if he's ready for Tuesday night's game or not. can not confirm anything. & # 39;

In the group stage of the Champions League of 2018/19 Liverpool fell back to Group C with PSG, Napoli and Red Star Belgrade. According to experts, this is a dead & # 39; table without predictable outcome.

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