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180 minutes have passed, but Cristiano Ronaldo still does not have the first goal for Juventus in an official game. What happens to CR7?

It is a very realistic question, even in the fact that Ronaldo is missing a bit of luck to get the first phase of Juve. For Lazio, CR7 had the chance to face the empty goal but still can not score.

What stopped one of the best scoring machines in the world to shoot at the tournament, of whom everyone claimed he would dominate soon?

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Ronaldo has rejected two consecutive games and has yet to make an official deal for Juve. photo: AP.

Serie A is not a La Liga

What Ronaldo has a good reputation in Spain: the gap is something that Italy does not give the Portuguese superstar. After wrestling with the middle center position in the match against Chievo, CR7 trainer Max Allegri played broadly on the line. He is free to move on all three points of the 4-3-3 schedule.

In short, this is the position that Ronaldo has achieved great success in the shirt Real Madrid. But even when placed in the position can be considered for strength, CR7 still can not find the net enemy. The gap is tight and Ronaldo must be extremely difficult to find ways to intimidate Lazio's goal that is not too good with the shot.

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Ronaldo took a chance on the empty goal but missed the ball and gave Mario Mandzukic a chance to score. photo: EPA.

Just like the game against Chievo, Ronaldo played well in general, but in the main stage he scored, but he can not. CR7 fans can easily explain that the Portuguese striker had bad luck when the ball threw his feet to Mario Mandzukic in the goal to raise the score to 2-0 by Juve. But it is also worth noting that it was the best chance that Ronaldo had in the game, and when he had it, he missed it.

Real Madrid has had many goals for almost ten years, but can not say that CR7 has missed some opportunities. Serie A, Italy and Juventus are not environments that can give Ronaldo many opportunities.

In Ibrahimovic & # 39; s autobiography "I & # 39; m Zlatan" the Swede tells the story of his first days in Serie A with a Juve shirt from Ajax Amsterdam. Ibra was then considered a star, especially after the super-fast dribbling through the defense of NAC Breda.

But Juve's coach Fabio Capello immediately put an end to Ibra's side with a series of occasional strikes. "The ball came from all directions and I had to close almost every shot with 60 shots in a practice session, when Capello came to see and said," Do you know why I have to do that? I try to cleanse Ajax from you, then dribble to fatigue, shoot and shoot. "Must be the killer, must be Italian style." Ibra said.

Ronaldo tit 2 days to go: What's with CR7? hinh anh 3
Series A is not a Ronaldo environment that can shine as easily as La Liga. photo: Getty Images.

The story of Ibra to see Ronaldo also experiences the same problem is too accustomed to the way there is more space and technical representation in La Liga. Series A needs more presence and Ronaldo simply can not adapt to it.

Ever wondered Ronaldo?

The fact is that not only Ronaldo & # 39; hard to stay & # 39; turned out to be, it had also changed a lot when Juve owned the Portuguese superstar. "The old lady of Turin" still wins, but it is the result of the superiority of team quality instead of the system.

When will Ronaldo shine? The answer is that Juve finds a stable system to adapt to the Portuguese superstar. Real Madrid has put Ronaldo in the middle of each ball, making CR7 the brain that has the most chances to shoot the ball, the right to miss the most chances.

Juve has never been so a team. "The old lady of Turin" in general and Italian football in particular have a collective value in which there is no place for "I am the only one" in CR7 style. Song says that does not mean that Juve can not change.

110 million euros that Juve spent to get Ronaldo, not only to increase the commercial value. Both inside and outside money must be danced. Believe that Juve sooner or later finds a way to adapt to CR7. Then the Serie A tastes the big guns of Portugal.

Ronaldo tit 2 days to go: What's with CR7? hinh anh 4
The value of Juventus increased dramatically when Ronaldo was present, but the performances on the field were not seen. graphics: Bleacher report.
Ronaldo formally stated his reasons for joining Juventus CR7 recognized the warmth of Juventus fans for him after the key moment "Bianconeri" in the Champions League made it to Turin last year.
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