Salah, what's the matter with you?

Salah, what's the matter with you?

Anyone who saw Salah's performance against PSG in the Champions League was disappointed. Not only did he not score, he was also the agent who led to the home team's second goal with a cross to lose the ball in the middle.

But many more fantastic things have not yet come. 85 minutes, replace Salah, leave room for Xherdan Shaqiri. This is the punishment of Juergen Klopp for Salah's weakness or a purely technical change that was not clear until the second half of the second half, the answer was revealed.

Salah played very badly against PSG

Salah played under PSG

Roberto Firmino scored after amazing performances, both drunken together. The camera lens recorded a moment when Klopp played a flamboyant fire dance on the track but was doing something else behind Salah? The Egyptian spire did not look worried about what was happening on the field, or the other way around, because … he was so angry that he threw the water bottle on the ground.
Mohamed Salah embittered the bottle when Firmino scored

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That act for Klopp, without a hint. It seems that Salah is trying to send a message directly to his teacher. Many optimists hope that Salah will try to throw a few insects on the ground, but in such an atmosphere, when his best friend has just scored the decider of the game, Salah must have more fun.

Salah is known as a gentle, honest and simple person. He is the typical "teacher, love", typical of each group. But is Salah equally fascinated by the spotlight, while firing is a contrasting picture?

Salah stopped the ball in the PSG net but was not recognized

Salah stopped the ball in the PSG net but was not recognized

It is not easy to get to know superstars. Many players have reached this level, but quickly lost their shape. They have the ability to climb to the top, but have no brains to live with glory. Is Salah one of them?

In general it is still fairly early to claim anything. But Klopp got what he needed, not just the water bottle from Salah. For him, Salah missed the last three games – 0 goals, 0 goals – 0 are difficult games. Since the start of the season, the Egyptian striker has just made two goals in six games, the equivalent of Daniel Sturridge.

Even, there are rumors that Salah does not agree with Mane. The pair did not pass the ball at Anfield, even in the previous games, which reduced the connection strength of the Cup. Actually, once the hardship has come, it will pave the way for other hardships. Degradation, rumors, coolness of the media … just a few of them.
Mane did not pass Salah to Tottenham

Mane did not pass Salah to Tottenham

At this moment, Firmino is honored while Salah is lying in wait. Getting to know you is not the most attention will be the challenge to become a real big player. At the age of 26 the nickname "one season player" does not seem to fit in the Salah, but to change this is a long journey ahead.

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