"Strip TV" is hot on Google, but this site can be prosecuted

"Strip TV" is one of the most popular keywords on Google the last few days when the website named these direct "pirate" matches from the U23 team in ASIAD 18 broadcast.

What is "detergent"?

"Lost TV" or "Satellite TV" is the website that broadcasts illegal football matches and more recently the matches of the U23 team in ASIAD. "Lost TV" does not cost money to buy the rights on the OTT platform, which specializes in collecting matches on foreign television channels and distributing it for free.

Because Vietnam does not buy ASIAD copyrights, many fans are forced to find ways to live the live games of the football match through & # 39; illegally & # 39; to watch.

& # 39; Lost TV & # 39; is extremely popular on Google, but this site can be sued
"Lost TV" is hot on the Google search site after the "smuggled" directly to the football game

The website "Lost Planet" works with many variations on both Facebook and YouTube platforms and attracts a large audience. This website is registered as hosting in the US, so it is not under the control of Vietnamese law and also very difficult to trace the real owner of this website.

According to Google's statistics in Vietnam on 19/8, the time of the match between the U23 Vietnam team with Japan U23 under the ASIAD 18, the keyword "xoilac tv" and "xoilac" search quickly and top 10 most searched keywords Google.

According to Alexa, the website "Counterfeit" is on the rise since the team of U23 in Vietnam attended ASIAD 2018. The daily increase in traffic, up to 500,000 – 1,000,000 views / day, even a lot higher.

& # 39; Lost TV & # 39; is extremely popular on Google, but this site can be sued
"Strip TV" violates copyright laws when playing live matches on ASIAD 2018

Although this method abuses the huge audience, increases the interactivity of the website and helps football fans reach the Vietnam team games in ASIAD 2018, but this behavior is being considered. serious copyright infringement.

"Lost" is collecting money but can be prosecuted

Based on the number of visitors spike on the site "Detox" as well as YouTube, Facebook, … Google Adsense experts in Vietnam estimate that this group can collect goods. Dozens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars only from Google ads. That is not to mention many other ways to make money with the website.

In addition, the "ranking" of the TV sitcom on the Facebook fan page, the YouTube channel, the rise of the website will be a huge advertising revenue for the people behind the site.

Many lawyers say that the people behind the "stripped down" TV site can be prosecuted by ASIAD 18.

According to the lawyers, however, the owner of the copyright must also prove that the damage and the legal proceedings to initiate the lawsuit must be based on the law of the country and the international rules on copyright. TV.

H.N. (Synthetic)

The explosion of people seeking U23 Vietnam and ASIAD football link "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Outbreak of the search for the U23 team in Vietnam and the ASIAD football connection

It is predicted that Vietnam will not be able to buy the rights to the men's football matches at ASIAD 2018.

U23 Vietnam is about to rock, VTV hinted that copyright does not reduce a cent "width =" 145 "height =" 101

U23 Vietnam is about to rock, to lose VTV because copyright does not reduce a penny

Nguyen Ha Nam, head of the editors of Vietnam Television (VTV), said that VTV has so far decided not to buy Asiad.

Copyright Asiad: VTV said not with the million dollars, fans "hungry" U23 Vietnam "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Copyright Asiad: VTV says no to the million, U23 fans hungry "hungry" Vietnam

Licensing costs Asiad 2018 partners did not change after many times that VTV suggested to be brought back to the right level, so the fans crave "U23" competition is the Vietnam show.

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