Thach Kim Tuan won the first silver medal for Vietnam at ASIAD: losing himself

Past performance by Thạch Kim Tuan

– Youth Olympic gold medal 2010.

– 1 gold medalist of the 2014 World Youth Championship.

– A record of 135 kg, determined in 2014.

– Won the silver medal and keep the record of ASIAD (134 kg).

– Won the World Heavyweight Championship 2017 (total 279 kg).

– 2 HCV SEA Games (2013, 2017).

* The athletes stopped and cheered Thach Kim Tuan

The training room of the weightlifting team in Ho Chi Minh City on the evening of August 20 is different than normal. Instead of the rumble of the fallen weeping, the cheering cheer of more than 10 athletes put their eyes on the little phone call. They all hold their breath and follow for team mate Tianjin Tuan against HCV on ASIAD 2018.

However, before the Om Yun Chol is so stylish, Kim Tuan can only win a silver medal with a total of 280kg, losing 8kg opponents.

Kim Tuan regretted Kim Tuan but not too disappointed. Tuan's teammates sent consoling words to Vietnamese athletes. "Tuan & # 39; s opponent is too strong and stylish, he plays so well, I hope Tuan can not overcome himself and can win a lot of success in other tournaments.

Mr. Tuan is the image that young athletes like us follow and strive to strive for, "said athlete Dong Phuong – the teenager of raising the world.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Quynh, the wife of the US Army Weightlifting department, said: "I'm sorry, but Tuan did his best because of the colors of the shirt, which is the answer to everyone's trust."

It is known that Kim Tuan's husband, despite being busy with work and caring for a child less than 1 year old, still tries to arrange and watch out for her husband.

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