The Korean Olympic Games pay off after the pre-Olympic Games

The 2-0 victory over the Iranian Olympic Games caused the Korean Olympic Games to pay a hefty prize when the "spider" Jo Hyeon-Woo got injured and left the opportunity to play in the next game.

Yesterday at 7:30 PM, the Korean Olympic participated in the race in the round of one of the eight ASIAD 18 football matches against the Iranian Olympic.

In this tournament, the Iranian Olympic team brought players from the U21 team to the long-term goal of the 2020 Olympics in 2020. That is why the team from Kimchi's country is not too difficult to overwhelm opponents. West Asia and ended the game with a 2-0 victory.

This victory brought Son Heung-Min and his teammates in the quarterfinals with a strong opponent, Olympic Uzbekistan. The U23 Asian champions did not spend too much energy to beat the Hong Kong Olympic Games 3-0.

Korean Olympic Games after the Olympic Games in Iran 1
South Korea has the option to repay debt to Uzbekistan in U23 Asia when the two teams meet again in the quarter final ASIAD 18. Photo: AFC.

However, the victory over Iran led coach Kim Hak-Bum to pay a hefty prize when goalkeeper Jo Hyeon-Woo got injured and left the possibility of appearances in the next game.

The goalkeeper of Daegu FC suffered a knee injury when he ended up in the first half after a dispute with the other attacker. When Jo Hyeon-Woo started playing, but in the middle of the break, the situation was bad, forcing Kim Hak-Bum to get substitute Song Bum-Keun on the ground.

The arrival of the goalkeeper did not worry the Korean fans, because in the 1-2 defeat before the Malaysian Olympic Games Song Beum-Kun was the wrong person to give Rashid Safawi Malaysia side table win the opener.

However, in the game yesterday, the 21-year-old keeper has done an excellent job. After the game coach Kim Hak-Bum does not hesitate to give the student words.

"Iran is a tough opponent to play, but we still have to overcome them, and I want to praise the whole team, especially the players in the defense because of their big win today." Yonhap News quoted the 58-year-old strategist.

"Jo was taken to the hospital to check the severity of the injury, and we know the results tomorrow," he said. .

Korean Olympic Games after the Olympic Games in Iran 2
Jo Hyeong-Woo could not play against Iran for 90 minutes. photo: Yonhap News.

The opponents of the Korean Olympic Games in the quarterfinals are Olympic Uzbekistan, the team "bruised" and mercilessly 4-1 in the semi-final U23 Asia in China.

And certainly, in the next game, with the appearance of "trump card" Son Heung-Min, coach Kim Hak-Bum wishes to pay off the borrowed loan in January last year than anyone else.

"We lost in the tournament in January for U23 Uzbekistan, but my players are day in and day out and the next game is a great opportunity for us to repay the loans." Chinese camp, "Korean Olympic captain confirmed with confidence.

The match between the Olympic Olympic Games and the Olympic Games in Uzbekistan will take place on August 27 at 4 pm (in Vietnam time).

Korean Olympic Games after the Olympic Games in Iran 3
Updated results and schedule & # 39; s match qualifying football South ASIAD 18. Graphics: Minh Phuc
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