The new season is officially starting!

Three hard points, struggling West Ham certainly not impressed or convincing, but it meant important for a new dynasty under the new coach Unai Emery.

Disappointment, not despair, is how Arsenal opened the new season with successive two failures. Anyway, Chelsea and especially Manchester City are rivals that everyone can lose.

Except this time, the Gunners enthusiast has the legitimate right to fill in the objective factor as the schedule, as well as the pass-through to accept a waiting period of at least three months to assess one. dynasty hope for at least three years.

However, a defeat at home against West Ham can drive away that strong will faster than the pace of Aubameyang. As said, the first two "beasts" can print the results, but the eastern neighbors are not. The season starts now with Unai Emery.

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Arsenal versus West Ham

So, Arsenal just languished in the derby in London in just 4 minutes and 40 seconds instead of last week. However, they are still dealing with both technical and psychological problems, leading to the early mistakes in the Emirates. Marko Arnautovic opened the score for Felipe Anderson, but the pair could have scored more goals.

Arsenal is shockingly vulnerable to counterattacks by opponents of the same city. West Ham easily put the ball on two or two, or break through the defensive wall that almost did not exist in the simple crossing. is the first to win: confidence in difficult times
Finally, the third round, Unai Emery teacher, also won the first score of the season. These are the highlights of Arsenal versus West Ham.

Bellerin received almost no support from Mkhitaryan. Monreal often neglected his position, although fortunately one of those innumerable peaks brought home the winning goal and helped Arsenal equalize. Sokratis is expected to be the ruler for the organization and the spiritual element, but as a panic defender, is no less the teammate Mustafi.

The problem of serial problems when switching to the upper part. Arsenal hit twice in the first half in a disastrous first half, not at West Ham. Aubameyang is no stranger to Aaron Ramsey and Alex Iwobi, while Mkhitaryan is active, aggressive but not effective on the right. Mesut Özil, sick or discarded, certainly causes memory loss.

Arsenal won the first race New season officially started! picture 2

Arsenal versus West Ham

Arsene Wenger's glamor of two decades at the end of the reign is so well known, but then Emery shows that he is not alone with his French counterpart.

He replaced Alex Iwobi with Alexandre Lacazette after the break, as Lucas Torreira replaced Matteo Guendouzi before the clock hit an hour. After all, staff choices and tactical mistakes such as the Professor, in any case Basque's new coach, are also more fashionable, not waiting until the 1970s to "jump water to feet" that rage repair.

Arsenal can undoubtedly shake their transformation, but actively acknowledge and acknowledge it – more stable, solid and more balanced. Torreira excelled in solitary defense in the first 45 minutes of the season. Not only that, Uruguayan rookie also increased the pressure by simple but sharp passes, with an accuracy of 94.1% on the field.

Arsenal won the first race New season officially started! picture 2

Arsenal versus West Ham

Arsenal built the base from here and the Lacazette benefited more than anyone, with movements and a fast pace that defines West Ham's defensive grass, usually characterized by talent. young Issa Diop in the new team debut.

Replacing a clumsy and fuzzy Aubameyang, Danny Welbeck seemed brighter with his third goal and the visitors crucified. All three of Emery's changes have worked, making a disastrous draw a clear victory.

Arsenal versus West Ham: Where are the giants?

The temporary pressure of remission on Emery's shoulders, at least for the time being. This is not an impressive achievement, the more convincingly convincing for the success of the Spaniards at the hot seat of the Emirates Stadium.

However, this is the first small but fundamental step on a long journey ahead, more or less with new improvements and changes. The new season officially starts with Arsenal!

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