"The public has motivated to buy ASIAD"

In the afternoon of August 21, the Voice of Viet Nam (VOV) officially acquired the broadcasting rights of ASIAD 2018. All games in the Asian Games are broadcast live on VOV and VTC. , radio, electronic newspapers and application platforms. Reporters had a conversation with Mr. Nguyen The Ky, general director of Radio Voice of Vietnam on this subject.

PV: Can you share what caused the purchase of ASIAD 2018 by the Voice of Vietnam Radio?

General manager of VOV Nguyen The Ky: When buying the rights to sports programs, people often think about television rights. But I think radio rights are equally important.

The past few days can be seen due to a number of problems, so that other units have not bought the ASIAD 2018 copyright, although the tournament took place. Last night (20/8) I have a job at Da Nang. Upon arrival in Danang, I think: must buy the ASIAD license. To say that this is not improvisation, that is what I have been cooking for so long.

Managing Director of VOV Nguyen The Ky. (Photo: Trong Phu)

Managing Director of VOV Nguyen The Ky. (Photo: Trong Phu)

If you want to buy the copyright, we must first negotiate, create a relationship. The second is the capacity of a news agency, the broadcast must guarantee sufficient strength to report, the news of the competition well. Another issue is the economic problem.

I think: we buy ASIAD for the public, because sports fans will probably get part of the social forces, especially the business community.

When I talk to some companies about this subject, I see a good signal. In the afternoon (21/8) we have locked the ASIAD 2018 license.

We are willing to lend to serve the public, despite the fact that the hole itself is also acceptable. A country of more than 90 million people who have to view a social network, unofficially, is unfortunate. "If you are hungry, the potato is expensive," but we must be right.

After this we have to gain experience, leave early. Without this unit, other units must assign each other. The public should not allow "xao body".

With the rights of VOV to broadcast ASIAD 2018, fans will eventually see the athletes playing through informal channels. (Photo: Trong Phu)

With the rights of VOV to broadcast ASIAD 2018, fans will eventually see the athletes playing through informal channels. (Photo: Trong Phu)

PV: What is the purpose of the Radio Voice of Vietnam when buying ASIAD copyright?

General manager of VOV Nguyen The Ky: Me and the leader of the station thought: we do this first of all because of the fans. Not because of the Radio Voice of Vietnam brand. Business support also not because of the title ball. The two big business partners did not even want to mention the name.

If the copyright is satisfied fans, the company was satisfied. They do not need any interest in the advertising or propaganda of Radio Voice of Vietnam.

Recently there have been many encouraging words for Radio Voice of Vietnam. So we thought: Dai did the right thing. If we come here, reporting the matches in the competition, we are doing well, then the purchase of copyright really makes sense.

Several Voice of Vietnam Radio crews have been to Indonesia. Especially in places where a high performance of the Vietnamese sports team can be achieved, we have to approach this and report on this carefully.

I also thank the audience. The public has created a great motivation to overcome the seemingly impossible obstacles. To be honest, because of the honor of the country, we have done something to do.

PV: How can we fully exploit the copyright for which we have paid?

General manager of VOV Nguyen The Ky: In addition to social effects, if we achieve more economic efficiency is good. But I always put economy in the second. If we hang up the money, we do not dare to buy the copyright problem.

When reading the newspaper, on the social network, we notice that fans desire to be watched by Vietnamese players and players. That is a legitimate desire. Even overseas Vietnamese also want a unit in Vietnam to stand out.

PV: What do you think is the experience for the press departments below?

General manager of VOV Nguyen The Ky: This can be seen as an experience for press units. From now on there are cultural events that attract people's attention, we have to be active. If we have to buy copyright, we have to find the source.

If we have to work in hi-tech conditions, we have to buy machines. In addition, it is connected with other units. If there are resources in society, there will be no small units.

After this, we have to be more proactive. From there it is customary to serve the public.

PV: Thanks.

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