To make the coach disappointed, Thailand still demanded the Olympic Games in Vietnam

The Olympic team in Thailand is disappointing in the group stage, but coach Worrawoot Srimaka still hopes that his team can buy tickets and even want to meet the Vietnamese Olympic Games in the first round.

Coach Worrawoot Srimaka from Thailand.
Coach Worrawoot Srimaka from Thailand

Olympic football in Thailand was so disappointing in the men's ASIAD 18 football team that they beat the 1-1 Qatar Olympics thanks to a goal from the end of 90th + minute. In the match against the weakest opponent in the table is the Bengali Olympic, teacher Worrawoot Srimaka also had a difficult draw 1-1 draw at the start of the table. The last game against the team and only B-team was Olympic Uzbekistan, the Thai Olympic can not create any surprise to lose 0-1.

Thus, through 3 games in the table B men's football ASIAD 18, the Thai Olympic only 2 points, ranked No. 3 and the biggest risk running will not be able to win tickets for the round of 1/8. Miracles can only happen to the Thai when the Kyrgyz Olympic Games, the Bahraini Olympic Games, the North Korean Olympic Games and the Olympic Games in Myanmar lose the game. Of course, coach Worrawoot Srimaka has the conviction that this miracle will happen, and even hope that the Thai Olympic cards can get hold of to hit Olymic Vietnam in the round of 1/8.

"I hope the miracle comes to the Thai Olympics, so we can go to the next round, even if we have to meet Vietnam, but our fate is in the hands of other teams and that is not the case. on the miracle.

I have to admit that the youth of the Thai Olympic Games does not have enough strength to step into the Asian arena. If there are excellent stars like Chanathip or Dangda in the team, Thailand is certainly stronger, but I have chosen young faces. That is my responsibility. Hope fans do not blame the players, "said coach Worrawoot Srimaka.

As a result of the distribution of the ASIAD 2018 BTC, the Olympic Games in Vietnam with the Group D summit will meet the third team in Group B, E, F according to the priority. Therefore, in the case of Group B's third position, the Thai Olympic is entitled to get ahead, then this is the Vietnamese Olympic rivals in the knockout round.

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