Trinh Van Vinh: & # 39; Even if I am injured, I will increase my weight & # 39; – ASIAD 2018

Trinh Van Vinh has confirmed that, despite an injury, he will lift the weight of 179 kg to beat the prestigious golden ASIAD medal.

Trinh Van Vinh: & # 39; Despite injuries, I still do my best to lift the weights & # 39; Trinh Van Vinh chose the weight of 179 kg for the last attempt to overcome the host country, but failed to bring the silver to the sports team in Vietnam.

Vietnam was nominated for a strong opponent, former Olympic champion Irawan Eko Yuli, ASIAD, not only for Indonesia, but also for weightlifting.

Before entering the last elections, Van Vinh is 299 kg total election – much less than the 311 kg Irawan Eko Yuli. At a distance of up to 11 kg, Van Vinh decided to increase his next weight to 179 kg. This is extremely risky for Van Vinh because he never raised this level in the past. Too high levels can be dangerous and cause Van Vinh injuries.

In fact Van Vinh could not succeed with that "weird" weight and also injured when the weight fell in the thigh. This election, however, confirmed: "I never raised that third level, but I tried to do my best, and at that time I did not think of anything else-even with serious injuries, I must try, be determined to reach that level. focused but not successful. "

When attending ASIAD Van Vinh won the silver medal. This is an impressive achievement with a young, less experienced continental player. Van Vinh himself has nothing to be ashamed of, because he defeated him as a very well-known name. Eko Yuli & # 39; s competition even welcomed the Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

Trinh Van Vinh: I look forward to you, looking forward to seeing you again
Trinh Van Vinh confirmed that if the injury also tries to overcome this goal. photo: Minh Chien.

"I am happy and sad," said Vinh. My performance is very good, can be HCV, but my performance is not good because of back injury two weeks ago. I can not practice from that moment on, so my physical strength is much reduced. Doing it today is mainly trying for me. "

"ASIAD is clearly a huge arena, I want to hit the HCV, I'll have to try more." When the Indonesian anthem sounds today, I sang the Vietnamese anthem, I think if you do not hurt, that will be the anthem of Vietnam, and Not Indonesia, "Van Vinh said sadly.

Thus, the two expectations of the weight-lifters of Vietnam, Trinh Van Vinh and Thach Kim Tuan, have not been able to fulfill the "golden dream". Vietnamese sports continue to wait for the first gold medal on Asian games.

& # 39; He is very startled and dissatisfied with himself & # 39;

On 21 August in Jakarta (Indonesia) Anh Vien is on the fifth goal in a personal condition of 400 m with much lower parameters than his condition.

Minh Chien (from Jakarta – Indonesia)

Trinh Van Vinh
Weight lifting Vietnam
Van Vinh

Trinh Van Vinh

Weight lifting Vietnam

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Van Vinh: The injury will also do its best.

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