U23 against U23 UAE against ASIAD 2018

Minh Vuong & # 39; s free kick from the corner of VOV.VN correspondent (Clip: Ngoc Duy)

A day after the semi-final with the Korean Olympics, Park Hang Seo suddenly opened a press conference at the headquarters of the Korean Olympic Games. The 59-year-old is not happy that he is imitated on Facebook and insists that he does not use social networking sites.

However, during a press conference in the hotel lobby of Aston Sentul Lake, Park Hang Seo also provided an analysis of the UAE's playing style. In particular, the Olympic captain of Vietnam pointed to the weakness of the opponent in the bronze medal of ASIAD 2018.

Coach Hang Seo said: "The match against the UAE Olympic I watched TV, the assistant has information.In general, the UAE is quite diverse, with many teams, when the 4-4-2 is 4-1-4-1. Their wings attack and the team is good, but the UAE's Olympic strength dropped dramatically in the second half. "

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Coach Park Hang Seo has overlooked the weakness of the UAE Olympic and has a way to exploit that acupuncture? (Photo: Ngoc Duy)

Do not forget that Coach Park Hang Seo on ASIAD 2018 has found the right "death" of the opponent who reached the Olympic Games in Vietnam to maximize. Before the Olympic Games in Korea are superior, Coach Park Hang Seo has also made the exact change to help the Olympic goals in Vietnam.

With the UAE they played 120 minutes twice and then came in the penalty shootout with the Indonesian and Korean Olympics in the eighth round and the ASIAD 2018 quarterfinal. In the semifinals the UAE played just as well with the Japanese Olympic Games. Before the break but then exhausted, took 78 minutes and lost 0-1.

The strength of the UAE Olympics can also help BHL Olympic Vietnam and fans feel less anxious, in the context of the players we have wasted a lot of power because of the busy schedule. in ASIAD 2018.

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Vietnamese Olympic stands for the opportunity to win the first medal in the history of ASIAD. (Photo: Ngoc Duy)

In the line-up, Duc Chinh can capture the physical form of the UAE during the Olympic Games, while Cong Phuong or Van Toan will play the "stands" in the bronze medal. With the defense, the mission of the Olympic Games in Vietnam is determined to lock striker Zayed Al-Ameri, who scored 4/8 goals of the UAE Olympic OUE tournament.

In particular, ASIAD 2018 has no extra time and if the 90-minute game turn ends in the draw, both parties will enter the penalty shootout to determine the win. However, Park Hang Seo said he would like the Vietnamese Olympic Games to tackle the UAE Olympics within 90 minutes.

"I know that Vietnamese fans are very hopeful and we will do our best to meet this challenge in the next game, I want the game to end in the official 90 minutes, you do not understand when the penalty shootout will not be. I am waiting for a victory for the Olympic Games in Vietnam for the UAE Olympic Games, "said Park Hang Seo.

The football match ASIAD 2018 between the Olympic Games in Vietnam and the UAE takes place on September 1 at 15:00. This competition will be broadcast live on the radio and television channels of Voice of Vietnam and VOV.VN./.

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