U23 Malaysia vs. U23 Japan 19:30 on 24/8 ASIAD 2018

ASIAD 2018 men's football is witnessing the sublimation of Southeast Asian football by contributing three representatives in the round of 1/8, even surpassing the group rhythm with the first.

In terms of potential and class, U23 Japan is of course higher than U23 Malaysia in this competition. In the history of ASIAD the sunrise has won gold and a silver medal in men's football. Meanwhile, the best performance of U23 Malaysia is just around 1/8 (2010). Not to mention six previous U23 riots in Malaysia, U23 won by Japan.

It should be noted, however, that the U23 Japan at ASIAD 2018 is essentially only a bunch of players under the age of 21 who are on their way to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. 2 victories against Pakistan and Nepal that U23 Japan has in the group stage. Actually not much to say because the two opponents are too weak. Meanwhile, during the U23 Vietnam-clash in the last game, U23 Japan played very balanced and got a 0-1 defeat.

On the other side of the line, although not highly appreciated, U23 Malaysia played really impressive, but the top beat the champions Asiad, U23, Korea. That is the game that coach Kim Kim Kim plays defensively – good counterattack.

Just like Malaysia, U23 Malaysia also has a very talented player. In the U23 Asian final in January, U23 Malaysia also reached the quarterfinals. So before a U23 Japan is not that strong, they can fully determine the goal of winning tickets to get ahead.

– U23 Japan won all six previous U23 clashes in Malaysia, including four away games.
– 3/4 of the recent goals between the two teams have a maximum of 2 goals.

Maldives: Haziq Nadzli – Syahmi Safari, Baddrol Bakhtiar, Nor Azlin, Rasid Safawi, Dominic Tan, Mohd Ghazali, Irfan Zakaria, Abdul Rashid, Syafiq Ahmad, Mohd Ishak.
Yoshiki Kojima – Yochi Naganuma, Makoto Okazaki, Kou Itakura, Reo Hatate, Keita Endo, Yuto Iwasaki, Taishi Matsumoto, Yuta Kamiya, Daizen Maeda, Takuma Ominami.

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