Van Duc and Xuan Manh stopped the ceremony, & # 39; fire speed & # 39; on the Cup QG 2018 – Football in Vietnam

Nghe team was not present at the ceremony of celebrating the sport of Vietnam and moved to Nghe An to participate in the semifinal of the national cup final of 2018 against the Thanh Hoa club.

"Me and Van Duc returned to contribute to the home team," Xuan Manh said. "The heavy schedule from ASIAD 2018 to the national cup, then to the V.League, and it had to go a long way, but we got to know this, we are young and ready to play in the match against the arrival of the Thanh Hoa club. "

Van Duc and Xuan Manh have won the national championship
Van Duc and Xuan Manh were not present at the ceremony of the Vietnam sports delegation in ASIAD 18. Photo: Trung Kien.

Close the soccer game ASIAD 2018 with the fourth place, the Olympic team of Vietnam, back to Hanoi at noon 2/9. In the afternoon of the same day, the Park Hang-seo coach was present at the celebration of the Vietnamese sports delegation at the My Dinh National Stadium.

But instead of celebrating with the members of the delegation, two players, Xuan Manh and Van Duc, have to move quickly to Nghe An. The pair of players Nghe and teammates in the SLNA shirt have the semi-final in the national cup of 2018 with the Thanh Hoa club, which took place on September 5 at noon in the stadium.

Split with On the chance of spring coaching Nguyen Manh and Nguyen Duc Thang, coach Nguyen Duc Thang said he waited for the medical team to check the physical strength to answer the referee.

Xuan Manh and Van Duc have only three days rest to recover in the game against Thanh.

Van Duc and Xuan Manh have won the national championship
Olympic Games in Vietnam in the afternoon ceremony 2/9. photo: Do Hai.

For the players to rest and ensure the quality of the semi-final second stage, the organizers of the national cup 2018 sent the official letter to the clubs about the adjustment of the schedule.

However, only the match between Binh Duong club meeting with Hanoi on Go Dau stadium was moved from September 5 to October 3. The remaining couple between SLNA and the Thanh Hoa club still keep their original schedule, because the leaders of the two teams do not agree with that.

Goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung is the only player of the Thanh Hoa club who is present in the Olympic qualification of Vietnam to attend ASIAD 18. But that does not affect the Thanh team. In the hands of coach Nguyen Duc Thang there are two other "experienced" temple guides Nguyen Thanh Thang and Tran Buu Ngoc.

In the first stage SLNA won 3-2 on the field in Thanh Hoa. Opportunity for the team Nghe Nghe made a second consecutive in the very high final. Master Nguyen Duc Thang is the champion of the 2017 tournament.

Phan Van Duc and Pham Xuan Manh have to play as soon as they return from ASIAD.

The two-day Nghe team had only two days off before going to the semi-final of the national cup final on September 5 against the Thanh Hoa club in Vinh in 2018.

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