Vietnam is excellent, but is not considered "top" compared to Thailand

Vietnam is excellent, but not considered

Revolution of the Thai people

South Korea 2014, Kiatisak brings many young players who compete Thailand against Korea in ASIAD. Nobody thinks that the Thai Olympic Games can make a difference. Previously, Thai football has achieved the golden medal SEA Games 2013 for six years (from 2008 to 2014).

Kiatisak, however, has taken away all doubts. The players with the Songkrasin Chanathip, Kroekit Thaweekarn, Adisak Kraisorn make an incredible performance. They won all 5 games, not admitted for the semi-finals. Thailand Olympic Games ends ASIAD 2014 with fourth place. And that was the beginning of the Renaissance and the rise of the "Battle of the Elephants".

Success in ASIAD 2014 was the beginning of Thailand's conquest of the region and the continent

Three months after the battle in ASIAD, Thailand returned to the regional king with a talented young generation after 12 years of absence. Kiatisak continued to cool his hands with the players he believes in. SEA Games 2015, Thailand won the gold medal in convincing. A year later Thailand started with "Thai Zico" when the ball still successfully defended the defender of the AFF Cup. Thailand returned to the position of king of Southeast Asia. But they do not want to limit themselves to the area. With Kiatisak, Thailand initially strives for the top of Asia and thus realizes the World Cup dream.

Viet Nam follows on the continent

The Vietnam Olympic Games follow the path that Thailand created four years ago. U23 Asian Cup second in Asia 2018, coach student Park Hang Seo was convincingly confirmed. Like Thailand, Vietnam reached the semi-finals, but won all five games and did not give a single goal. That is what three teams in the semifinal of Japan, Korea and the UAE can not do this year during the long journey in ASIAD.

The Vietnamese way is like Thailand four years ago

It's been ten years since the AFF Cup 2008, Vietnam's football is full of faith in a new generation of gold. The hope has turned into a belief, a great peace of mind, firm and hard of the Department, Quang Hai, Xuan Truong, Tien Dung … To date, The Olympic Games in Vietnam are certainly in the top four of ASIAD football team for men in Thailand. Even if it is excellent, Teacher Park Hang Seo can do better than the Thai.

Lucky Congphuong won the Chanathip?

Success in U23 Asia and now ASIAD 18 can be seen as proof of the reach of football in Vietnam on the continent. But in the region, or after 10 years, the current generation of players can help Vietnam to defeat the golden cup of the AFF Cup again.

No doubt Thailand is the biggest challenge for Vietnam's dream of returning to the throne of Vietnam. And the question is, after each of these competing tournaments, are the Congolese boys equal to those of Chanathip if Thailand were to use the best cards during the AFF Cup in 2018?

Under the Park Hang Seo coach, U23 Vietnam defeated the U23 Thailand for the first time in 20 years in the M-150 Championship in 20 years. But it was a victory over the post-Chanathip junior generation that has problems. about the development. Admittedly, at the level of the national team, in a bigger league like the AFF Cup, Vietnam will still have some difficulty meeting Thai, even when we are at a stage. zenith.

Lucky Cong Phuong was strong enough to confront Chanathip rice

Personally, Thailand has some very strong players at J.League (Japan). They are Chanathip Songkrasin (6 goals / 20 games), Teerasil Dangda (5 goals / 22 games), Theerathon Bunmathan (20 games). When Quan Cong, Xuan Truong, Tuan Anh still struggled to find a place in the second class Japan or K.League (South Korea) or Quang Hai, Van Duc, Tien Dung did not swim to the sea, it face The price of Thailand has confirmed itself in one of the best continents.

In terms of collectivity, Thailand has a tick-tok style that has been formed over the past four years. And it is clear that their cohesion and interest are better than a new one in Vietnam.

Of course football still has surprises. Nobody knows on a good day that Vietnam can overcome the obsession with the name Thailand. Compared to this time, the Park Hang Seo coach and students still have a lot to do if you want to beat the Chanathip.

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