Vietnam Olympic Games. Olympic Bahrain round of 1/8 ASIAD 2018

Mr. Park & ​​# 39; s anger

The Olympic victory of Vietnam in the first round in the ASIAD round without giving in. Park Seong Park teacher, Park teacher, Nepal and very strong opponents – Japan.

However, after the victory in the pre-Olympic pre-Olympic Games, the home specialists had negative comments about the Olympics. The reactions were focused on Park Hang Seo when he directed the game, determined to defeat Japan and then pay the price of Hung Dung damage.

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Park Hang Seo was not pleased with the lack of positive comments after the implementation of the Olympic Games in Vietnam for the Japanese Olympic Games (Photo: Ngoc Duy).

In the light of these remarks, the Korean strategist was unhappy. "I will explain to anyone who does not understand the game well," he said. After kicking with Pakistan and Nepal we have enough points to go inside.

I thought about it a lot before the Battle of Japan. Everyone knows that our rivals will win Malaysia Korea to the top, while Vietnam at the top of the table has to decide who the opponent is. I know some experts, some articles criticize us because they are too physically fit, but I want you and everyone to understand that every game is physically fit. "

"The players are important, but if we replace the last meeting with Japan and then meet Saudi Arabia or Iran that we are broken, who is responsible, I never want the Vietnamese to see the national team win in such a competition "said Park Hang Seo coach.

And determination of the Olympic Games in Vietnam

Although he is "angry" with domestic experts, he is not satisfied with some articles that analyze the lack of positive in the team, but coach Hang Seo Park does not detract from the work, the preparation process. Round 8 of the Olympic Games in Vietnam.

Instead, the Korean strategist is still working with enthusiasm, communication, breaking the determination of the players and the desire to win. Park wants the Olympic Games in Vietnam to win the Bahrain Olympics to win the quarter finals, in response to fans' expectations.

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Drukke Park has worked hard to beat the Olympic Games in Bahrain (Photo: Ngoc Duy).

With impressive performances in the group stage, the Olympic Games in Vietnam in this competition are rated higher Olympic Bahrain. In addition, we have a history against our back and we win 3 of the 4 closest pints in all competitions.

During the U19 Asian Championships 2016, U19 Vietnam handed U19 Bahrain in the home field of the opponent with the only goal of Tran Thanh, to continue to the semi-finals, making for the first time in the history of holding tickets for finals World Championship U20 2017.

Good performance, back-to-back history and good memories of the Bahrain Olympics, but the Olympics are not allowed. This makes the team mostly U21 players, but they have the time to play together for years, strength and body and speed very well. So just make a mistake, teacher teacher Park Hang Seo will pay expensive.

olympics vietnam vs olympic bahrain death 1/8 asiad 2018 hinh 3
Olympic Bahrain was not good recently (Photo: Ngoc Duy).

At this moment, the members of the Olympic Games in Vietnam are physically recovered after three days of rest. This is a good signal before the battle with the opponent is as full of Olympic power as Bahrain. However, we anxiously wait for information about Dinh Trong, players have to practice separately in the afternoon 22/8.

Trong Trong is one of the three most stable and effective defenders of the Olympic Games in Vietnam on ASIAD 2018. He is known as the Western & # 39; expert in the V-League. Therefore, if Dinh Trong is absent in round 1/8, that is a shame for the Olympic Games in Vietnam, especially when we have lost Hung Dung due to an injury.

Regardless of the yard or absence, the goal of the Olympic Games for the Olympic Games in Bahrain remained unchanged. And after anger with the professionals, this was a great opportunity for Park and its students to show determination, showing that they were on the right track.

Match between Olympic Vietnam versus Olympic Bahrain In the round of 1/8 ASIAD 2018 took place at 19.30 hours tonight (23/8). This competition is reported directly on VTC3, VOV2 and online on VOV Newspaper or Radio Voice of Vietnam.

Hoang Yen / VOV.VN

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