Vietnam women's coach happy to lower Thailand to win tickets to the quarterfinals – football from Vietnam

Mai Duc Chung, the strategist, thanked the students after the 3-2 victory over Vietnam for Thailand in Palembang on 19 August.

  Vietnam is training to add value to the Thai football form the opponent. When the clock changed to 2 minutes, Hoang Quynh (23) made the first dangerous shot. </td>
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  Vietnamese coaches are ready to join the team at the start of the game. After many missed chances, Tuyet Dung opened the score for Vietnamese women in the 22nd minute with a finish in the left corner of goalkeeper Nattaruja Muthtanawech.
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  bus Vietnam plays in the match in Thailand 3
With a view to the future coach Mai Duc Chung will play the ball and the opponents will have the same goal after 1-1 score. Hong Nhung fouled Sornsai in the neighborhood and referee Mahsa Ghorbani pointed to the penalty.
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On the score 11m Nildhamrong Suchawadee easily defeated goalkeeper Kong Hang, the match on the line
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But only 3 minutes after the opponent was right, the shot from Nguyen Thi Van has restored the leading advantage for women in Vietnam High excitement, Nguyen Thi Lieu hit the head to hit the opponent in the 39th minute, leading the red team 3-1 for the first half of the game
  coach Vietnam When the Thai pull into shape came 6
the coach of Srathongvian Nuengrutai constantly changes in terms of people and tactics to help Thailand improve the game. From pushing the ball to the edge to get into the penalty area, or in the middle, using the long ball pass, all attacking methods are blue team to penetrate the net.
  Touringcars of Vietnam are ready to play in the seventh season of the tournament
But under the command of Captain Chu Thi Kieu, the Vietnamese players are solid and tight. The ability to cover the lining of the red shirt players, especially the excellent guardian of the Temple of Confucius
Help students Mai Duc Chung firmly lead the ball-rolling bet of opponents.
  Vietnamese players lost only once in the second half after the breakthrough in the table of Sornsai Pitsamai In the 79th minute, the pressure of the SEA Games runner 2017 increased after the second goal. But Thailand has met the indomitable Vietnamese defense. [1965904] When the final whistle of the Iranian referee Mahsa Ghorbani resounded, the Vietnamese girls embraced Man in joy. A 3-2 victory over the Thai helped the Reds to the quarter-finals. On August 21 in Gelora Sriwijaya, coach Mai Duc Chung had his first fight against Group C in Japan. </td>
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  coached in Vietnam when he arrived in Thailand brother
In contrast to the joy of Vietnamese women, the tears ran along the cheeks of the Thai players. The Golden Temple team soon said goodbye to ASIAD 18 from the group stage.
  Coach Nguyen Viet Nam added while in Thailand on his way to level 11
When he entered the press room after the game, coach Mai Duc Chung did not hide the joy. "Vietnam has always been very tense with Thailand and today we are very happy with a glorious victory over Thailand, despite the team's rejuvenating team," said Chung.
  The Vietnam coach added that Thailand has devised a plan to build 12
"Our women's team is in the rejuvenation phase and needs a lot of things to kick the World Cup this time invested only in ASIAD and time is too short, so I look forward to more long-term investments, the longer the team will be better. "Chung said.

3-2 Thailand defeated Thailand in the Group D-match ASIAD 18 18/8, teacher Coach Mai Duc Chung reached the quarter-finals before a game.


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