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Representatives of Vietnam Television said on 22 August that they had agreed in principle by the Voice of Viet Nam (VOV) to pass ASIAD 2018.

Nguyen Ha Nam, head of the VTV editorial board, said that VOV agreed in principle to have VTV ASIAD 2018 received. program.

VTV will publish the broadcast schedule as soon as possible. Viewers can watch ASIAD program on VTV6 channel.

VOV to cooperate with VTV tie ASIAD 2018 image 1
Viewers of VTV also see the Olympic Games in Vietnam on VTV6.

Previously, the general director of VOV, Assoc. Nguyen De Ky said that in order to meet the needs of fans, VOV accepted the copyright, image ASIAD 2018 with other units. However, passing on, citing photo's must specify the source, maintaining the status quo Vov logo because legal problems in the contract with the partner can not change.

Transfer principle means that the transponders are not placed in other programs and are not interrupted during the relay.

VOV has the right to broadcast ASIAD from 21/8, although the amount is not mentioned, but the payment for this copyright is quite high. The VOV leaders declared "willing to lend to serve the viewer".

TV viewers will watch the live matches of ASIAD 2018 that stand out on VTC3 (Sports Channel – Culture – Entertainment Channel) of VTC digital television.

Listeners can listen to live radio events on VOV. The copyright that VOV and VTC possess also allows people to watch live on mobile phones, smart TV via VTC Now application, on the electronic newspaper …

VTC offers 150 million advertisements for 30 seconds in the Vietnam game

VTC advertised the highest of 150 million for 30 seconds in the men's soccer games with the Vietnam Olympic team, the core is U23, which participates. The advertisement is broadcast on 3 VTC channels.

According to Bao Han / Tien Phong

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