What does Alisson say about the blunders that Liverpool has admitted?

What does Alisson say about the blunders that Liverpool has admitted?

Share the game, the world's most expensive goalkeeper Alisson said that the error came from the wrong passage of his teammate Virgil Van Dijk: "That's my wrong situation but personally I'm still I hope I get the chance to to play and to play, I understand, now people will analyze and criticize me for what has happened.

"I will not be stupid again and I will not make mistakes in the future, we have to learn from this goal, this is part of the game (football), but I do not be so arrogant to stand here and say that you keep doing this. "

"The truth was that I did not get a perfect pass, we talked about it in the locker room, with Van Virgil, but the most important thing was that we won, my fault because it put the club in a difficult situation.

"When a person makes mistakes, it affects the entire team and the team will have to fight very hard, we'll improve this, but the result is the only thing that's important right now."

The arrival of Alisson came at the 63rd minute between Leicester and Liverpool in King Power. Alisson received the pass from teammate and used the dynamism to fool Iheanacho, but failed and was seized by Leicester players. Then Iheanacho brought the ball to Ghezzal to clear the net, reducing the score to 1-2 for Leicester.

Many worries that Alisson will make mistakes again, as Loris Karius (player on loan to Besiktas) had a loss in the 1-3-defeat against Real Madrid in the Champions League final. Alisson, however, still played very well and played well in the rest of the game.

Alisson & # 39; s silly mistake

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