When the Vulture Mourinho circled …

Failed MU 0-3 Tottenham officially put Jose Mourinho's team in trouble in several ways. There was the feeling that the vultures swarmed around and just waited for the Portuguese ruler to collapse.

Match results: M.U 0-3 Tottenham

– Tottenham:
Kane (50 & # 39;), Moura (52 & # 39 ;, 84 & # 39;)

Crisis is real

Undoubtedly United has ended up in a crisis, even very heavy. If anyone is wondering, check out the sounding MU 0-3 Tottenham via the video below. What happened in Old Trafford on Monday night was much more than what was called the best moment.

"Theater of dreams" at this time was also "hell" with teacher Jose Mourinho. They fall into a pit of despair and the more they wave. Who can save Mou? Nobody by the people around him this time are most enemies.

MU 0-3 Tottenham When the vulture circled around Mourinho ... photo 's
M.U lost 0-3 to Tottenham

Mourinho is known as a straightforward person and the problems at M.U are as clear as daylight. By criticizing the "family" from top to bottom, the Portuguese captains accidentally pulled out the truth that the backyard of Old Trafford is not peaceful.

In addition, the performance of M.U on the field has not improved but deteriorated. Defeat 2-3 against Brighton & Hove Albion shows disorientation, lack of concentration and lack of determination of the Red Devils. MU 0-3 Tottenham also points out worse.

MU 0-3 Tottenham When the vulture was wrapped around Mourinho ... Fotos # 2
Mourinho has made a number of changes to Tottenham

What sent Mourinho to the decision to get Ander Herrera out of the center kick? Certainly no hope, because the strength of the Spaniard is not in that position. A desperation will be more accurate. And that was a bit of a sarcasm for Mou & # 39; s superiors. Can not exclude.

This summer, Mourinho sent a list of central defenders to buy for Vice President Ed Woodward. But at the end of the transfer window he could not have been one. And after he had wanted his anger on the microphone during the press conference, Mou switched to action.

http://bongda24h.vn/Spurs Tottenham, M.U starts the worst after almost 3 decades
After a defeat of 0-3 in Tottenham at Old Trafford M.U started the worst in 26 years. The first three Premier League games have passed, the Reds have only one …

Mourinho did not sign Eric Bailly and left Victor Lindelof on the bench for Tottenham, but with the "horizontal hand" Herrera said a lot. But in the end the effect is not much. There was a surprise for Tottenham when Mou changed a lot in tactics and staff.

But the midfield of three men and Herrera's gigs at the back of the defense only confounded Tottenham in the first half. After the break, coach Mauricio Pochettino made the move and M.U broke immediately. They could have done more than just aimlessly.

However, the ineffectiveness in scoring has made M.U into hatred. There was a moment when the goal came very close, only Romelu Lukaku more than 6 meters before the empty goal after going through keeper Hugo Lloris. But there was no one to celebrate the Reds for 90 minutes.

Lucas for Tottenham
Mistakes in the defense made M.U pay

And then the patchwork has "killed" them. The referee fell in love with Phil Jones in the situation where he ravaged Lucas Moura in the 29th minute, but until the beginning of the second half, self-defense errors in Harry Kane's pair and nobody saved him the number. Tottenham's head to accurately open scoring.

133 seconds later, when Shaw went high, Jones was gone, Christian Eriksen stretched out to split Lucas. In 84 minutes another defender, Smalling, was weak at Lucas pace and left the Brazilian 3-0.

It could have been worse if Dele Alli and Kane had made good use of the double mistake: Lindelof's amateur and air ambulance (instead of Herrera). But that was enough for M.U to be 50th in the Premier League at home and start the worst competition in 26 years (lost the first 2/3).

Jose Mourinho bat luc
MU 0-3 Tottenham shows the inability of Mourinho

Wait until Mourinho falls down

With performances like Brighton or Tottenham, no light flashes with the third season of Mourinho on M.U. Obsessive about a battered campaign comes back to the former captain of Chelsea. In the stands of Old Trafford the spot of "Mourinho is no longer special" from the Tottenham fans.

Add a disaster match and people see the M.U players do not fight for Mourinho. If the Portuguese coach betrayed the word & # 39; & # 39; used to briefly talk about the students before being dismissed by Chelsea at the end of 2015, that is not wrong.

M. cu
The M.U players do not fight for the coach

The errors are increasingly coming to M.U and the more they play the more frustrated. Mourinho's second night was like a boxer and was finally defeated by the three fists of Tottenham. That should take 90 minutes, Spurs only 5 points scored the final goal and scored three goals.

And M.U? They also scored 5 goals, but 23 times, Tottenham three times. This is evidence of ineffectiveness at the end, accompanied by major shortcomings in the defense. There was no excuse for the Reds after the 0-3 loss.

It is difficult for an army to prevent defeat when the commander-general (Mourinho) fights with the Woodward (soldiers) and soldiers (Pogba, Martial). Sense of the vultures are in vain swarming around a wrestling Mourinho. "Life" is not necessarily his decision …

Team competition:
Man United (3-4-2-1):
The Gea; Herrera (Alexis 55), Smalling, Jones (Lindelof 58 & # 39;); Valencia, Matic (Fellaini 61 & # 39;) Pogba, Shaw; Fred, Lingard; Lukaku
Tottenham (4-2-3-1): Lloris; Trippier (Aurier 76 & # 39;), Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Rose (Davies 82 & # 39;); Animal, Dembele; Lucas, Eriksen, Dele; Kane (Winks 88 & # 39;)

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