When VAR is the savior

Predictions such as the trip to the field of new rookie promoted to Valladolid will bring the joy of teachers Messi, but they struggle to win 3 points in this competition. And where are the highlights of the match Valladolid 0-1 Barca?

1. When the VAR was released to the & # 39; king & # 39;

The most striking point in Valladolid 0-1 Barca and also the most controversial is the situation in which VAR does not recognize the goal in the last minute of the home team to stop Valladolid.

It was the situation of Keko on the side of Valladolid that the net Ter Stegen with a header from the home team of the left wing has penetrated. After this situation, Barca players have put pressure on finances to force them to rely on a VAR technology referee.

The match report shows that this is a situation in which Keko stood under the last defender of Barca. And if the VAR is not used, the champions may have lost 2 points.

I finally heard the VAR from the Barca team
VAR technology saved Barca a goal at the end of the game

2. Messi blurred

At home, the Valladolid players had a heroic match when they caused a lot of trouble for the champions. This is also the reason why Messi & # 39; silent & # 39; was in this game, although he had a double goal against the Alaves last week.

Not only are the defenders of Valladolid "well taken care of", Jose Zorilla field factors also have a lot of influence on the explosive possibilities of the M10. It is clear that the viewers who watch this game shake their heads when they see the quality of Zorrila's surface yesterday.

The rough, uneven grass surface had a major impact on Messi's performance in this competition. After the game, Gerard Pique, center-backed, criticized the BTC La Liga for the players to play on such a bad surface.

Valladolid 0-1 Barca
Messi disappeared on the field of Valladolid

3. Dembele shines again

The idea is pushed out of Barca this summer in the transfer window after the show was not convincing last season, but eventually Dembele is retained.

And the star just won the World Cup, while the French team showed its talent. After the break to win the Spanish Super Cup, Dembele changed the hero yesterday when scoring the only goal to help Barcelona win the game before Valladolid.

Valladolid 0-1 Barca
Dembele plays the hero of Valladolid 0-1 Barca

Dembele has a tremendous speed with a full body and is the maker of many mutations on the field, while constantly stirring the defense of the enemy. And after a passing situation of Sergi Roberto, Dembele had a decisive blow to bring back three valuable points for Barca in the second round of La Liga.

4. Add a bad game from Suarez

An important striker on the Barca, but apparently Suarez is harmless to the opponent. The burden of weight and age is the reason why the Uruguay striker no longer maintains the agility and style as smoothly as before.

In the 90 minutes of Jose Zorrilla, Suarez left no strikes on the Barcelona striker yesterday. The former Liverpool just had two shots and only one of them hit the target. His contribution to the offensive game of Barca is almost zero.

Valladolid 0-1 Barca
Suarez stays & # 39; fribering & # 39; in La Liga

This is also the second consecutive game that Suarez fathomed although he still got many opportunities to shine. If it is not fast enough to improve, the ability of Suarez to leave in the middle of the season is absolutely possible.

5. Valladolid deserves one point

The host of the game continued to play a nasty defensive game, such as the 0-0 draw in Girona.

Competing with determination, the players Valladolid not afraid to dispute and cling to the players Barca. This has caused many problems for the champions.

Valladolid 0-1 Barca (Vong 2 La Liga 2018/19)
Valladolid earned a point for Barca in the second round of La Liga 2018/19

The efforts of Valladolid have also helped to break the Barca grid, but unfortunately the VAR video reference technique is applied in the La Liga and the goal is not recognized by the referee.

http://bongda24h.vn/Valladolid 0-1 Barca: The king wins thanks to VAR when Messi is missing
The visitors to Barcelona on the field of Real Valladolid encounter many difficulties. They had to leave almost with a point without VAR technology.

Composite video & # 39; s: Valladolid 0-1 Barca (Tour of La Liga 2018/19)


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