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1 is the only one, 2 is the stop. Love marriage

Men are the most greedy species on earth. What they want, want to add more, not less, but never less. For example, they are tired of rice noodle soup, they get used to rice, they sneak out to find noodle, but do not eat rice either.

Women's wisdom only for men 2 options: 1 single, 2 are the stop

Saying that does not mean that the sisters when the "rice", the most important thing is to ignore her husband and ignore like going somewhere, go back home bored. Rice also has the price of rice, has the honor of rice, is not hungry when the food is boring and then changes its course.

Have women encountered inherent life much difficult. If life is unhappy love or if the marriage must be male flowers, mistress has to suffer a lot. They loved, believed the promises, believed that the man had only one. Although you know that the heart is hard to guess, the betrayal falls directly into the person you love most. More sadness?

Women in the middle of these love tugboats are often torn: should they stay or should go, give a chance or be permanently cut off? Whichever way you choose, it makes women very injured. Many strong women have definitely taken the bad guy out of his life. But many tolerant people forgive the traitor. They consider themselves as an opportunity to heal and because of their love for the other man.

But forgive the woman peace and peace with her happiness? Will live happily ever after without leaving traces in the past? And the heart of the woman will treat the man as if there had been no betrayal? Not really! Every woman has a different way to express her emotions, but despite crying or smiling, after forgiving, they will take away the pain for the rest of their lives.

The beloved, the husband who ate with other people, will be spirits that are kept in mind. The wound is deep in the heart like a cloak. At the moment of her husband, the moments of happiness or closeness to sex, the sheath also hurts women. Many people say they have forgotten, but forgive the fact that they have never forgotten the pain!

Lady, if not the only one, did not fool the feelings and said that I could bear it. Wisdom women will know that in order to be free and happy, there are only two paths: one is the only one and the other is the one that stops. Men do not even like what it takes to bring happiness to women? The choice to stop, pain for a moment, but peacefully for a lifetime.

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