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Wednesday 2 January 2019 07:00 AM (GMT + 7)

I was dissatisfied with everything in my husband, except "that".

10 years together, I saw fantastic husbands every night - 1

A consolation is that I and I can get along well with each other "story" (artwork)

I trusted the house at home in a confidential group and most of them asked: "Why, why do people love and marry?" I really did not understand why that day decided him.

My wife and I were married for 10 years, had two children, a boy and a girl. He is 6 years older than me, we have nothing in common from personality to lifestyle.

I notice that I am easy to calculate, pass on, how is everything, but you are too careful, please consider. I remember the wedding day, just took off the wedding dress, he urged me to do the dishes with the whole family. He said: "You do not have to receive guests, the kitchen is so full."

Everything I do, watch and judge. When he had finished sweeping the courtyard, he pointed out that he had to clear the gate. When he got out of the bathroom, he had to turn off the electricity. Clothes neatly folded and then he opened it again and again … He never touched his kitchen, but he always cooked, this was salt and the other was light … Sometimes my children had to go up Mothers voice and say that dad too picky is.

That criticism made me extremely restrained but still not uncomfortable with patriarchy. He dominates everything in the house, doing big things like making a house, buying a car to look a bit like the dress of a woman and daughter. I remember once being scammed by my husband because of the wide collar. Children's clothes, everything has to be approved by their father and they will dare to wear it.

He is still stingy with both domestic and foreign houses. I did not see a daughter-in-law like me, who gave her mother-in-law money, but had to hide her husband. Every time she went to the hospital, I urged her husband to bring gifts of cake and money, so he hesitantly said: "She stayed with me and I was worried, she eats a meal with a prisoner and a sum of goods". I have nothing to say.

Foreign dignitaries are exempt from the table and the holiday of the new year is full of light. I once criticized him badly. In my mind I decided to end it all, I could not bear this man anymore, but noticed that the two children cried and softened. After that time her husband also changed a bit, something that did not penetrate.

Ten years with my husband, I have endured enough, all because I have given enough to maintain my mother. I often encouraged myself when the number of heaven was established, I had to stay with this man to pay back my previous life.

But there was also a consolation that I and he could do well with each other. For the past 10 years, I felt happy with my husband every night.

At night my husband changes into another person, more thoughtful, more gentle, more interested in my emotions. My husband and I had high demands, every time I was with my brother, I felt satisfied. At that moment he was the sweetest, insignificant I who praised me. Apparently we were only really a man and a woman then.

At one point the couple quarreled and broke the house, but touched the night to forget everything. I also think that, in addition to children, the reason why I hold on to this marriage is sex.

Marriage supported by sex. I do not know if it is my happiness or my tragedy. Who knows, the difference between the "story" that I have the courage to divorce, freed myself from this authoritarian husband.

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