2 patients infected with COVID-19 from an English teacher in Ho Chi Minh City with a 1 year old baby

2 patients infected with COVID-19 from an English teacher in Ho Chi Minh City with a 1 year old baby - Photo 1.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long spoke at the government meeting this afternoon – Photo: VGP

According to Mr. Long, a 1-year-old baby in District 6 (Ho Chi Minh City) has had close contact with patients 1,347 at 22, 23, 25 and 27-11 in the past (the child’s parents ask the patient to to take care of the baby.).

On Nov. 30, just after the 1,347 patient tested positive, CDC Ho Chi Minh City took the baby and his mother to isolation at Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital, the baby’s father and other members. insulation at home. Baby test results positive for COVID-19 night 11/30.

The total number of contacts with studied patients is 513 people, of whom close contact (F1) is 99 people, so far 81/99 have negative test results, the rest are waiting.

In addition, there is another patient who has been infected since 1347, a female student born in 1992, who is the practitioner of patient 1347. Through research and detection, 9 people who are in close contact with this female student have been quarantined. and wait for the test.

According to Minister Long, this patient taught in many English centers, cafes and other locations, so it was blocked from these locations. For example, the 1,342 patient who infects in the quarantine and goes home infects the patient 1,347, 1,347 is the first patient in the quarantine to spread to the community.

Therefore, if we circle quickly, the detection number is less than 10, if we don’t do it thoroughly, this number can increase exponentially. Therefore, drastic measures must be taken to speed up traceability and review all quarantine issues and locations. The ministry has started a central tracking team to help HCMC not infect the third cycle.

Regarding the plan, Mr. Long said that the Vietnam Airlines flight attendants’ isolation area has been stopped to switch to local management isolation. In terms of liability handling, there are specific requirements for quarantine, so it is determined that the responsibility lies with the flight crew and individuals of the airline, the local government.

“Patient 1342 has a serious violation of concentration and home isolation, has been in contact with other people outside the isolation ward. Responsible person has not adhered to the regulations on management and medical supervision. Of the flight crew, owner of the accommodation – inn does not strictly adhere to the isolation “- said Mr. Long.

With the local authorities, the District People’s Committee and Vietnam Airlines, Mr. Long that inspection and responsibility were not taken seriously. Therefore, the Ministry of Health proposes to review the responsibility with the Vietnam Airlines quarantine manager, the inn and 1,342 patients in infecting the community.

This wave of infection started on November 30 when 1 patient (1,347) was infected by a quarantine person (patient 1,342), since then 2 more patients have been infected out of 1,347 (language teacher He lives in Ho Chi Minh City and in connection with this outbreak there have been 3 patients, excluding 1342 patients.

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