42 shipper delivered at the same time to the 7-year-old girl

PhilippinesThe 7-year-old girl opened the door and panicked when she saw a series of shippers on November 25, each with at least two boxes of fried chicken and fries.

That day, the narrow street in front of the girl’s house in Barangay Mabolo, Cebu City, suddenly became buzzing when there were lines of people wearing pink uniforms from a famous food supplier. Each person has at least two bags of fried chicken and chips.

This special scene was broadcast live by Dann Kayne Suarez, her neighbor, via Facebook. According to him, the child went online to put two boxes of fried chicken for herself and her grandmother. She did this for a long time when her parents were not at home. It is the child’s parents who teach them to order food through a mobile app.

The scene of the skipper standing in line at the gate of the 7 year old girl's house.  Photo: Cut from clip Dann Kayne Suarez.

The scene of the skipper standing in line at the gate of the 7 year old girl’s house. Statue: Cut out from video by Dann Kayne Suarez.

However, the internet connection was not working properly, so pressing more than 40 times she found herself “successfully ordered”, not knowing the previous times had been confirmed. She placed an order when the internet connection stopped working properly. Then an error occurred. Because of the mistake, she ordered a new one and repeated it often, ”the neighbor explained.

While a bunch of chicken costs only 189 pesos (about 90 thousand), she will have to pay 7,938 pesos when she receives all orders. However, the child only had enough money to pay for one order.

She was crying. I loved it because she didn’t know what had happened, ”said Mr Suarez. When he heard the news, he and other neighbors had come to buy chickens to help the child and the boatmen.

Because people in the area tried to buy each other, some shippers gave up without delivering.

In his position, Mr. Suarez advised people to follow their children when ordering food or using the phone to avoid regrets.

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